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Article: 4 Interiors Trends for 2022 – And the Fragrances to Match

A Life With Scent

4 Interiors Trends for 2022 – And the Fragrances to Match

Over the past few years, our homes have become the absolute centre of our world, a place where we live and work; entertain and exercise; learn and play. Many experts believe this will only continue for  2022, so it’s essential that home is both beautiful and functional, a place we truly want to spend time and where we can feel nurtured and safe.

These four interior design trends achieve all this and more. Embrace them wholeheartedly or simply add an element or two to freshen your space. As always, fragrance creates the ideal finishing touch and helps to complement the mood and style you seek to create.

1970s styling

The mid-century modern revival has been a strong trend for several years but now the look is creeping towards the upper end of the era. The hallmarks of 70s design are back in a big way – timber veneer, shaggy rugs and every shade of brown, from amber glass to rich caramel leather sofas.

Team it with: Cuban Tobacco Candle – with its rich notes of tobacco, polished mahogany and earthy patchouli, it’s a natural complement to sensual 70s style. 

The Design Files

Shades of rose

Pink is unmatched in its ability to bring joy into a space, so is it any wonder we’re mad for it this year? Take in the full spectrum of this magical shade, from rich burgundy to earthy terracotta and sweet candy pink. These colours all play well together but even the smallest pop on a cushion, bed linen or table setting will enliven the room.

Team it with: Persian Rose Candle and Hand Wash – what better match for any shade of rose than its namesake flower? In our Persian Rose scent, the signature floral takes on a sophisticated and powdery nuance.

Elle Decor

Back to nature

As we crave more time outdoors, so too do nature’s influences become even stronger indoors.

Furniture takes on softer, more organic shapes, and natural textures like timber, terracotta and travertine add depth and interest. Botanical prints wind their way across fabrics and wallpaper and soft pistachio or sage green impart a comforting feeling.

Team it with: Tuscan Fig Candle – the milky-sweet scent of the fig is balanced by the fresh green of the leaves to create a warm and welcoming fragrance that highlights nature’s bounty.

Hackett Holland  

An eye on sustainability

Less a trend than a way of living, sustainability is permeating all aspects of our lives. Vintage furniture, handmade objects and upcycled materials are all simple and appealing ways to bring this approach to any interior. 

Team it with: Botanica Candle – this sweet and earthy candle is made in collaboration with the Australian Botanic Garden at Mount Annan, and inspired by the beauty of its flora. Proceeds from each sale support the Garden’s groundbreaking science and conservation work, and as with all our candles, its fragrance is sustainably sourced and presented in a reusable and recyclable vessel.

The Nord Room




Written by Michelle Bateman

Photo Credits

1970s: The Design Files 
Shades of Rose: Elle Decor
Botanical: Hackett Holland
Sustainable: The Nord Room