At Home With Crystal Bailey

Interior stylist Crystal Bailey’s commitment to her home aesthetic is so strong, she’d prefer to go without than live surrounded by the wrong things. “I’m currently glamping in my own home with camping furniture until the right pieces arrive,” Bailey confirms.

Having moved into her beachside Sydney home only weeks ago, Bailey is using it as an opportunity for a fresh start and a chance to evolve her look. “My style has previously been very Scandinavian and industrial, whereas my new style is much softer and sexier with organic materials and flowing linens. I also love handcrafted pieces that tell a story and that have a heartbeat, so my new home will definitely be full of that.

“The new pieces that are coming into my home are pieces I’ve designed or have been handmade,” she continues. “There’s a story attached to them, so essentially, my house will be like an artwork with different brushstrokes. I’m only bringing in pieces when it feels right and is aligned with my soul; pieces that are created by Australian makers or purchased from boutique designers.”

In the meantime, as Bailey’s Instagram gallery can attest, she’s managed to make folding tables and chairs look impossibly chic thanks to some textured throws and strategically placed botanicals. Having a picture-perfect view of the ocean from her living room windows also helps. “I love the ocean!” Bailey enthuses. “And have done ever since I was a little girl. I grew up on a farm, but I would close my eyes and dream of living by the sea.”

To complement her breezy interiors style, Bailey favours “sweet, soft and romantic scents. I especially love vanilla, jasmine, frangipani, rose and fig scents,” she adds.

Her go-to is LUMIRA’s Tuscan Fig, which she both burns at home and wears as a perfume oil. “I’ve always been a fan of Tuscan Fig candles and oils and always will – I’m obsessed!” she says. “I use the oils in the morning, and light my candles as soon as the sun sets at night.”

Adding the finishing touch to her home-in-the-making: “I love the smoked glass cloche, it’s perfect for a coffee table, console or bedside table.”

Written by Michelle Bateman