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Article: At Home With Sabrina Shorb

At Home With

At Home With Sabrina Shorb

Packing up your life and relocating to the other side of the country can be an opportunity to start afresh, to explore new sights and styles. For Sabrina Shorb and her husband Andrew, moving from La Jolla, California, to Tampa Bay, Florida, last year was a chance to discover new neighbourhoods, swim at unfamiliar beaches and enjoy a bit of extra breathing room. “We love that Florida homes are so spacious!” says Sabrina, the creative mastermind behind The Beauty Look Book blog. Two things that didn’t change: their love for a “clean modern style” of interiors, and a penchant for filling their home with scent. 

“Both Andrew and I love using candles, room sprays or diffusers. It helps lift the mood in so many ways! When we lived in San Diego we had a smaller living space so we’d use one scent at a time. Here in Florida our home is more than twice the size of our California space, so we can now use a different scent in different rooms.”

Do you change the scents you use at home seasonally?

No, I gravitate towards the same scents year-round. I love that the Lumira scents are perfect for any time of year, it’s one of the few candle lines I’ve tried where every scent has a perfect mix of notes that makes them seem universally appealing to me. My favourites are the Tahitian CoconutTropical Gardenia and Persian Rose. The Lumira rose is the best rose I’ve ever tried. They make the home smell inviting for guests without being too overpowering. The only time I’ll change to a seasonal scent is during the holiday season – pine or spice candles are fun during Christmas!

Are there any specific scents that you connect with Florida?

I feel like the warm tropical weather leans towards a tropical scent vibe. Anything floral or citrus is beautiful here! 

What have been some of the highlights of living in a new city over the past 12 months?

Discovering new places has been the highlight of our move! In the past 12 months, we ended up living a nomadic life for six of them. We moved several times to different areas within Tampa Bay and discovered each area has a distinct charm. We had no idea Florida was so big. Discovering new beaches has been so much fun. 

Can you share some of your favourite Florida discoveries and destinations?

We love the beaches here – the weather is warm enough that you can swim in the ocean in Florida. California has beautiful destinations for sure, but the weather is so cold the ocean isn’t really something you can swim in comfortably for leisure. In Florida our favourite places are St. Pete Beach, Clearwater Beach, Anna Maria and Sarasota. We took a spontaneous drive to Key West, which was a fun experience. Also if you love Cuban food, check out Bodega on Central in St. Petersburg for the best Cuban sandwiches and cortaditos (Cuban coffee)!

What are some of your most treasured pieces at home?

The photographs we have are among my most treasured objects in my home. Capturing certain moments as they happen and as we’ve travelled brings back good memories. They also make me grateful for how far we’ve come along as well.

Speaking of travel, you’re a master at packing light and taking carry-on only! Can you share any advice for making travel simpler and more comfortable? 

It’s quite a challenge to fit everything inside a carry-on! The best advice I can give is that once you’re at your destination you’ll realise that you don’t need as much stuff as you thought you did. Also, worst case scenario if you’re missing something you can always purchase it abroad and have a souvenir at the same time.

What kind of mementos or souvenirs do you look for? 

We started something a little cheesy when we went to Europe. We try to find a touristy city magnet in each city we go to together, and we put them on our refrigerator.

What are your plans for your next trip?

We’re hoping to make a stop in NYC and also to a tropical island (we haven’t decided yet). Maybe another cruise this year... 

Interview by Michelle Bateman