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Article: At Work with Jocelyn Petroni

At Work With

At Work with Jocelyn Petroni

One of the shining lights of Sydney’s beauty scene, Jocelyn Petroni is known for her meticulous attention to detail; her heavenly, reiki-infused signature facials; and her ability to give a really killer manicure. 

Her flagship salon is tucked above exclusive Queen Street in Woollahra and aims to be a “private oasis” for clients wanting impeccable service with real results. Those clients, by the way, include most of Australia’s top models (Jessica Gomes and Victoria Lee are among them), as well as multiple TV personalities and Vogue editor-in-chief Edwina McCann. None other than Chanel appointed her an official nail artist in 2015.

Having gotten her start in the beauty industry in 2000, Petroni opened her own business in 2006 and moved to her current location a decade later. She’s carefully honed the salon aesthetic by collecting antiques and artworks along the way – some of the pieces she’s had since her original salon days. 

What first sparked your interest in beauty?

I love craft and I love intimacy. If I lived in another era I’m sure I would have been an artisan in some shape or form. Doing what I do, I can combine both of these interests as I consider myself an artisan when it comes to the creation of facials, nails and beauty treatments. I also inherited a meticulous attention to detail from my mum and dad, so I think all of these things combined led me into the field.

How would you describe your salon aesthetic?

We focus on quality, attention to detail and the best professional products. At the Jocelyn Petroni salon, our objective is to ensure every client walks out of the salon having had the best treatment they have ever had. Every piece in the salon has been bought at markets from Paris to Sydney, and many of our clients are an influence on the salon style.

What kind of environment do you like to create for your clients?

One of my favourite movies is Midnight in Paris, and I really hope that our clients, as I do, transport themselves into a dreamy state when they walk up the stairs into the Jocelyn Petroni salon. We wish to avoid some of the cliché salon elements such as cramped cubicles, branded clinical uniforms, pedicure chairs and chattering staff. Our focus is to ensure a balance of peace and tranquility with a luxurious experience that delivers results.

How does scent contribute to this?

Scent is very important in the salon. We burn high quality essential oils and candles. There is no lead in the wick of our candles and all our essential oils are extracted through a high quality process. We believe in the holistic benefits of scent – it is not just something that smells good, but it actually relaxes the body and the mind.

Do you change your interiors scent in the salon seasonally?

We do change it seasonally. In winter we burn warm and comforting cinnamon and sandalwood scents. In summer we incorporate zesty scents such as lemongrass as it refreshes the atmosphere. Every Saturday afternoon we burn white sage leaves throughout the salon, which smell divine. I believe in the cleansing process of burning and I love this ritual. It clears the air of all the energies so we have a beautiful clear space for the next week.

Which products from the Lumira range are you most enjoying? 

They have a candle called La Primavera, which we burn in the salon. It means in Italian the first spring, and it really does smell like you’re in Italy and the flowers are just blooming. I like to ensure our salon is filled with fresh flowers on a regular basis and we love to complement this fresh smell with floral essences such as La Primavera. 

What are you most looking forward to in your business for the coming year?

We have a really exciting year ahead for the Jocelyn Petroni brand, with the expansion of our salon in Woollahra, which will see additional rooms added. I’m also incredibly passionate about training beauticians and I’m spending more of my time inspiring beauty therapists and evolving their skills. I’m also working on evolving a variety of partnership programs and brand activations. 

Who else in your field, from the past or present, do you admire?

There are quite a few people who I admire in this industry. Of course Coco Chanel, who achieved so much in her lifetime. I also admire the very talented Lucia Pica, Chanel's current global creative make-up and colour designer – she is incredible. 

Photography by Kath Mclean, Bright Photography
Interview by Michelle Bateman