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Article: Our highlights of 2021

Our highlights of 2021

At LUMIRA we’re drawn to the light, the flickering flame of hope and optimism. In this unpredictable and often challenging year, we’ve been fortunate to have many of those moments. As 2022 begins, we take time to reflect on some of the highlights of the year that was 2021.

Our collaboration with Royal Botanic Gardens

This ongoing partnership has been close to our hearts for the past three years. In November we launched Botanica, the third and final scent in our collaboration with RBG Sydney. Inspired by Australia’s largest botanic garden, the Australian Botanic Garden at Mount Annan, it’s a sweet and sunny scent with detectable notes of honey, orange blossom and eucalyptus. Botanica can be enjoyed in limited-edition full-size Candle or as part of the Botanic Gardens Discovery Set Trio. We’re proud to donate 20% from the sale of each Botanica Candle and Botanic Gardens Discovery Set to support the Gardens’ important science and conservation work.

LUMIRA Botanic Gardens Candle Discovery SetSphera – a new way to enjoy scent

The arrival of Sphera in October ushered in an entirely new and sustainable way to scent your home. Sphera is a luxury experience in three distinct parts: the sphera, a smoky black globe of hand-blown glass; the lava, natural, sustainably sourced volcanic rocks that hold the scent; and essenza, the scent itself, formulated from premium essential oils. Sphera is available in our Arabian Oud and Cuban Tobacco fragrances.

LUMIRA Sphera Diffuser

Working with friends

We love partnering with like-minded companies who share our commitment to sustainability and luxurious design. This year, we’ve collaborated with Australian homewares brand Cultiver on the creation of the CIRCE Candle; with the Bells at Killcare Boutique Hotel on The Wild Flower Candle; and with luxury fashion brand Oroton on an exclusive trio of candles – Campfire, Fig Tree and Flower Market.

OROTON x LUMIRA Luxury CandlesBois d’Epices and the magic of Zanzibar

We’ve been told our newest Parfum, Bois d’Epices, is the ultimate feelgood scent. It’s not hard to see why: with its uplifting citrus notes and heady accord of spices, this intoxicating fragrance is inspired by the mystery and magic of Zanzibar.



Written by Michelle Bateman