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Article: The Best Ideas For New Year’s Eve 2020

A Life With Scent

The Best Ideas For New Year’s Eve 2020


Halcyon House picnic experience

No matter where in the world you find yourself, it’s likely this New Year’s Eve will be unlike any you’ve ever experienced. One thing that won’t change: we’ve always looked to the power of scent to uplift the moment and we’ll continue to do so as we ring in the start of 2021.

Whether you’re staying in, heading out or joining a virtual celebration, the right fragrance will help make New Year’s Eve 2020 one to remember (for all the right reasons).

Picnic by the coast

If you’re gathering as a small group to picnic on the beach, be sure to pack the essentials: Champagne, charcuterie and cheeseboard. Don’t try to compete with the scent of salty air and seaspray – after all, it’s truly one of nature’s finest. Instead look to complement it with Paradiso del Sole Candle, inspired by the crashing waves and secluded beaches of Italy’s Amalfi Coast. 

Safety note: always ensure your candle is placed securely on a steady surface out of reach of children, pets and billowing picnic blankets. 

Cosy in the country

Heading to a snowy cabin to start the new year off the grid? A slimline vial of No352 Leather & Cedar Perfume Oil will take up no space at all in your luggage but sets the tone for a luxurious and romantic escape. The namesake notes of leather and cedarwood create a rich and warm scent that’s enhanced by spicy top notes. It’s truly a day-to-night fragrance for all genders, making it perfect to share with your travel companion.  

Entertaining at home

As host, your role is all about finessing the details, so set the scene with the stirring and sophisticated scent of Cuban Tobacco Candle. It opens with a swift tang of citrus before mellowing into a melange of tobacco and polished mahogany; nuanced, earthy and slightly sweet.This multifaceted scent is so enigmatic it will keep your guests intrigued until the stroke of midnight. 

Private dining room

Perhaps you’ve secured an intimate table at your favourite restaurant. You’ll want to make this an occasion to remember and Desert Nights Parfum fits the bill. After all, this fragrance was born out of the vast and mysterious night sky in Marrakech, a truly unique and awe-inspiring wonder of the world. With its heady notes of oud, patchouli and sandalwood, Desert Nights will bring a little of that magic to your eve. 

Zoom party

Sure to be a popular choice for New Year’s Eve 2020, a virtual gathering allows you to celebrate with loved ones around the globe, while also creating an atmosphere that’s exactly to your taste. Create a mood that’s louche and sophisticated with Arabian Oud. Begin by lighting the Candle then layer in a spritz or two of the Room Spray. After all, if there’s any occasion that warrants a perfumed double act, it’s surely New Year’s Eve.  




First image by Halcyon House
Written by Michelle Bateman