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Article: The fragrance notes to know for Summer 2019


The fragrance notes to know for Summer 2019

As the tentative warmth of spring gives way to the languid heat of high summer, it brings a welcome opportunity to refresh and renew our surroundings. Heavier textures are packed away, lighter linens are brought out of storage and a sun-dappled colour palette meanders through the home. Equally, our fragrance selection can benefit from a refresh at this time of year, as it sets the tone for the days and nights to come. 

Here, LUMIRA founder and creative director Almira Armstrong shares her pick of the scents that are destined to become irrevocably entwined with summer 2019.


The zesty opening of a citrus scent is instantly refreshing on a humid day, making this a perennial warm-weather favourite. This year, however, citrus has embraced an earthier direction, says Armstrong. “I enjoy working with citrus to create many different effects in LUMIRA scents – whether it’s the zesty lemon in Tunisian Mint Tea, or the sweetness of orange blossom in Sicilian Citrus. For this summer, however, I particular like the contrast between citrus and the richness of moss and cedar – it adds a depth that isn’t normally associated with the sweet simplicity of citrus fruits. One of the best examples of this is Sirocco, with its earthy base and tangerine top notes combining to make it simultaneously grounding and very uplifting.” 


Reminiscent of a fistful of fragrant herbs, an aromatic scent might combine sprigs of sage, rosemary and lavender with an element of citrus or a dash of spice, to create a scent that’s fresh, uplifting and incredibly refreshing on a hot day. “Aromatic scents often have a unisex appeal,” notes Armstrong, “and because they originate in the herb garden, they can feel quite familiar when burning in the home. We’re seeing a trend for different herbal notes this summer, and aromatic scents encapsulate this beautifully.”

Created in collaboration with boutique Garden Grown Gin (formerly Distillery Botanica), LUMIRA’s Tonic of Gin is an uplifting aromatic that’s almost as refreshing as its namesake tipple.


A heady bouquet of white flowers may be a signpost to summer, but this year’s combination of jasmine, magnolia, gardenia and neroli is made even more appealing with a warm and sunny base. “We’re seeing a lot more yellow flowers used add to warmth to the traditional white floral bouquet,” notes Armstrong. “Adding a base of vanilla, cashmere or sandalwood also creates a warm and comforting effect, as seen in our newest scent, Florescence.” 

Inspired by and created in conjunction with the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney, it’s no wonder Florescence is utterly suggestive of a walk through the gardens on a sunny day.


For our friends in the northern hemisphere who may be enjoying snow rather than sand, there’s perhaps no better way to welcome the cold than with an olfactory journey to the heart of the forest. “Fir, balsam, spruce and maple are all evocative of a brisk walk through parks or woodlands on a frostbitten day,” says Armstrong. “These rich but fresh woodsy notes are experiencing a surge in popularity and at this time of year in particular, they also have an element of festivity that’s difficult to resist.” 

Enjoy a forest experience with Dubh. by LUC which marries green coniferous notes with a warm and mossy base.   

Written by Michelle Bateman