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LUMIRA is a luxury scented candle and fragrance house founded by Almira Armstrong in Sydney, Australia. LUMIRA fragrances are your luxury lifestyle essentials. Copyright 2018 Atelier Lumira.



Almira Armstrong


Image via Travel Off The Beaten Path.

Image via Travel Off The Beaten Path.

PERHAPS IT'S because every which way you turn, your senses are inundated with pure, blissful holiday vibes.

Breakfast by the pristine French Riviera? A tour through the unsurpassed beauty of the countryside wineries? Farm-to-table lunch at a nearby bistro? A stroll through the local markets that dot the coastline? Honestly the list of experiences accumulated in this incredible part of the world are next to none. Read on for Lumira's guide to Provence!


Le Vieux Castillon
Le Vieux Castillon knows how to do several things very well - luxury and relaxation are just two of them. The staff, the rooms, the pool, oh my! The rooms are the epitome of modern, yet refined luxury. The views will make your heart race and a glass of Moet by the pool is exactly what's needed after a day of exploring. 

Hotel de Tourrel
Without prior research, Hotel de Tourrel is a little bit of a mystery. However, it is certainly a mystery worth discovering. Located in the historic village of Saint-Remy-de-Provence, Hotel de Tourrel is a hôtel particular created by German owners Ralph Huesgen and architect, Margot Strangle. The duo have created a luxurious sanctuary - replete with only seven rooms, a wine bar and restaurant - where every last detail screams (in a contained and beautiful manner) quality, design and consideration. Tapas and wine by the rooftop pool, anyone?

The Byblos
Known for its A-list clientele, The Byblos is a legend amongst legends in Saint Tropez. While its reputation certainly precedes it, the luxury experience on offer backs it up. Every aspect of this resort is befitting of a Hollywood film - perhaps that's why it draws the stars? If you need us we will be poolside dining at B. Restaurant. 

Image via Le Vieux Castillon.

Image via Le Vieux Castillon.


Restaurant at Hotel de Tourrel
Ok, so we haven't wandered far at this point. Why? Because the restaurant at Hotel de Tourrel is certainly worth a mention. The immaculate fit-out (which will have you snapping #interiorinspo pics like crazy) is only outdone by the wine list and a menu curated around local and fresh produce! This is Provençal dining at its most stylish. 

Le Jardin du Quai
Situated in the quiet riverside town of L'Isle-sur-la-Sourge, garden restaurant Le Jardin du Quai is secluded and quaint, only discernible by a wrought-iron doorway. Don't worry about having to pick out your lunchtime fare - the decision has been made for you. Be prepared for a waiter to brief you on the days delights via handheld chalkboard. Then relax, crack open a bottle of French wine and indulge in a set three-course meal amongst the trees and vines of the garden. 

Tigrr at Hotel Ermitage
This quirky Provence locale can be quite divisive. While we've never stayed at Hotel Ermitage, we have taken in the glorious view on the hotel terrace, rosé in hand as the sun sets over St Tropez. Shake off those anti-tourist vibes for just a moment to take in this incredible idyllic sight! 

Image via Hotel de Tourrel.

Image via Hotel de Tourrel.


Take a day trip to Cassis
This sleepy fisherman's village is sheltered from the wind (and from fellow tourists). The crystal clear water, pebbly beach and local cafes (Bar Le Port was our favourite - try the local cider) of Cassis is the perfect spot to take a breather from the buzz of more frequented spots along the French Riviera. 

See the lavender (in Summer)
A vacation to Provence in Summer is not complete without a trip to the countryside to see the incredible lavender fields. Lavender encapsulates the very essence of what Provence has become known for - visit the local distilleries and stock up on beautiful oils, perfumes and soaps. 

Visit a local market
Place de Lices situated in the heart of St Tropez will give you a taste for exploring fresh produce markets in the Provence region. However, this open air market is not technically a farmers market, with many stalls selling produce from larger distributors. If you are after a more authentic experience, visit smaller towns in the region where you are likely to get your produce straight from the farmer themselves.

Why are we positively obsessed with all things Provence (apart from the obvious reasons)? Stay tuned for an exciting new launch that throws us back to balmy evenings spent under the Provence stars!