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St Peters NSW 2044

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LUMIRA is a luxury scented candle and fragrance house founded by Almira Armstrong in Sydney, Australia. LUMIRA fragrances are your luxury lifestyle essentials. Copyright 2018 Atelier Lumira.


4 Luxe Co-Working Spaces

Almira Armstrong

As our lives become more and more mobile, our need for shared, nimble working environments has increased. Combine this with the rise of Instagram as a powerful marketing tool and self-branding juggernaut, and it’s not hard to see how beautiful communal workspaces have become somewhat commonplace. Here, we detail four of our favourite most irresistible shared working environments.

La Porte

It’s hard to define La Porte in strict terms. The space, in Sydney’s Rosebery, is a hybrid of event spaces, photographic studios, and private office spaces, held within an iconic Sydney landmark building. Combined with hotel-level attentive service and luxurious facilities including a wellness centre and cafe. But more than being a hub for like-minded innovators and creatives, it’s the dreamy interiors that have our full attention. Dark polished concrete floors and white walls provide an elegant and minimal backdrop for leafy green accents and steel-framed windows. A large courtyard carves a tranquil void within the dynamic surrounds, with Moroccan-themed tiles adding texture and an exotic warmth to the otherwise minimal interiors. Home to some of our favourite bloggers offices, some of the best of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week shows, and product launches from the likes of Mecca, La Porte is a powerhouse dressed as a serene holiday destination.

The New Work Project

The New Work Project located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn occupies a converted foundry that was recently inhabited by Vice Media. But there is little left of the irreverent media company left - at least from a design sense. TNWP space is luxurious and bold, with black, marble and gold highlights lending the space the air of a sumptuous hotel lobby. Velvet couches and woven straw armchairs sit underneath warm round globe lighting and monochrome artwork. With three pricing structures on offer, there are open-plan communal spaces right through to large private studios. The hardest part will be tearing yourself away from a space so beautiful.


If there is one place we’d like to bounce ideas around a communal working environment, it would be the idea incubus of the world - San Francisco. Canopy is a co-working space in Pacific Heights which blends elevated design with functional membership options. Located in a large brown stone building, the interiors feature rustic parquet floorboards and black support beams, steel-framed windows, and neutral soft furnishings. The real hero of the space is the solid black marble structural highlights that reference mid-century Italian design elements. With a focus on community, Canopy is opening two new spaces in Jackson Square and Venice Beach so we are, quite literally, watching this space.

Cloud Co-Working Space

Cloud Co-Working Space, by Mesura Architects, offers a sanctuary for the nomadic workers in the heart of Barcelona. The duality of the spaces on offer - large communal openings and private enclosed rooms - is reflected also in the design elements: futuristic glass doors contrast with mid-century furniture and playful plants. Concrete pillars and polished white floors blend each space together. The space has more than seventy work points, ten private offices, two meeting rooms, a common resting area. The result is an inspired and character-filled space, flooded with natural light to foster maximum creativity. If this is an example of an office of the future, we cannot wait to arrive.