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LUMIRA is a luxury scented candle and fragrance house founded by Almira Armstrong in Sydney, Australia. LUMIRA fragrances are your luxury lifestyle essentials. Copyright 2018 Atelier Lumira.



Almira Armstrong

BEING PRESENT at work or at home sounds fabulously easy when you say it out loud. But in reality our minds are most likely wandering down a completely different path than what we’re actually doing. Stress, anxiety and panic are the thorns among the roses when it comes to work and home life. There are a few decor, mental and practical solutions to any of these feelings and Lumira candles and perfume oils are included.  In this Journal post we have compiled together a few methods on how to practice mindfulness at home or at your desk…

Image Via  thisisworkingwell

Don’t literally cancel out all noise in your life - but rather switch off your mobile, the laptop, music and or whatever device that catches your attention with alerts. We forget that we devote your subconscious to these alerts and sounds, which leave us in a constant ‘on’ mindset. By existing in silence for even half an hour, half a day or a full Sunday, it allows our brains to relax, reset and focus on things we might not otherwise. Listen to the chatter around you, the ocean whilst walking or your breath when you have a moment to debrief and meditate.

Once you’ve established the space that is your workspace or office and made it yours, designate a scent to that specific zone. This could be a candle you keep on your desk or a perfume oil you keep in your drawer. One that promotes calmness and obviously one that resonates with your preferences. This is one of our favourite ways to hone into our zone and feel at ease in the mind at work. If every time you burn a fragrance you’d like to associate with mindfulness/positivity, remember the relaxed or calm state you are in. Familiarity with these specific scents can reduce anxiety and feelings of angst.

Setting: You’re at your desk feeling swamped about how much you have to get done, or you’re thinking about things that happened the day before, leaving you feeling anxious or just a bit distracted and not fully present. Go back to basics - don’t over think and deconstruct the thoughts. Take pen to paper and write down what you’re thinking and place them somewhere else for the time being. Once you’ve accomplished the day’s work (fab) go back to the paper and you may find they’ve become something insignificant or you have the capacity to figure them out now.  

It’s time to look at cleaning as a practice rather than a task. Yes, the floors are sparkling clean and the kitchen is fresh and crumb-less - but glance over to your shelves and cupboards… Cluttered? Okay my friend, knuckle down and be real. Get rid of objects that don’t resonate with you anymore, any books that you’ve read and could give away, and if you’re feeling really determined, head to the closet to say adieu to the dresses you wore once and the bags you spent a little too much on and don’t use. Cleaning and decluttering can help create a outwardly awareness of the space around you being fresh and airy with room to breathe - making us mentally feel lighter.

This point combines a few tips together. Whether at home or at work - leave whatever space you’re in the way you’d like to enter it the next time. This means tidying and placing things back in their designated spots on the shelf or in cupboards etc. Combining the art of decluttering and interior decorating makes this step so much easier to accomplish. Design the chosen space with a sense of savviness so that when it comes to leaving no trace of the day, you know exactly where things go and that they can be stored in a spacious capacity. Tip: treat your candle as decor-detail and give it a proper spot on our shelf, so that too, can be a familiar object.

Prioritise and do one thing at a time. This one is heavy on the point of being in the present and channeling energy into one thing at a time. When you sit down at your desk, create a to do list of things to be done by the end of the day and prioritise them to suit. One may even be taking a moment to recuperate for five or to drink water. Don’t underestimate the power of the small things to do during the day for you. Lighting a candle with the fragrance of frankincense and/or cedarwood, applying pressure to your temples and focusing on the fragrance can relieve a headache, or familiarise yourself with your calming scent again.