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Studio 6, 1-7 Unwins Bridge Rd
St Peters NSW 2044

+61 414 808 205

LUMIRA is a luxury scented candle and fragrance house founded by Almira Armstrong in Sydney, Australia. LUMIRA fragrances are your luxury lifestyle essentials. Copyright 2018 Atelier Lumira.



Almira Armstrong

EVEN THOUGH EVERY DAY A MOTHER’S LOVE is one of the purest of all, we dedicate a particular day to enhance the glow of gold light that beams around them, to thank, cherish and spoil even more. It’s so easy to regard this day as one that is materialistic and one that can only be acknowledged in the form of gifts and objects. No matter how long you keep the wrapping, store in special places or utilise until you can’t anymore, there’s nothing that will last longer than a memory or feeling. For this Mother’s day, why not give the gift of memory and experience in whatever way that suits the desires and quirks of your Mother…

Escape to the seaside or to the trees for a blissful walk/hike (if you’re into that) during the day or morning. Sydney is abundant with tracks and guided paths that scale the cliffs, shores and national parks. Or perhaps it may be a bush walk near your home that you and your mother enjoy. Whatever the case, we’ve created a list of a few of our favourite places to tread. Remember to consume ample amounts of water as it’s important to stay hydrated, and will benefit you for the rest of the day and the morning after...
Coastal                                                                               Bush
// Bradley’s Head to Chowder Bay                                      // Cooper Park Trails
// Chinaman’s Beach to Balmoral Beach                             // Barrenjoey Lighthouse
// Bondi to Coogee                                                          // Sugarloaf Bay/North Arm Reserve

This segment is titled ‘Gin & Water’ for a reason. To finish off the day and meander into the night, why not head to a Gin bar or any bar for that matter, to laugh and lavish your mother with delicious fruity Gins or wines, (permission to call this ‘Alcohol & Water’ if you want). Some bars have amazing tasting nights and experiences allowing you to learn and drink at the same time or help you create your own blend… Don’t mind if we do.
// Fratelli Paradisio, Potts Point
// Love, Tilly Devine, Darlinghurst
// Archie Rose Distillery, Rosebery
// Stillery, Double Bay
// Tonic Lane, Neutral Bay

Never underestimate the luxury of staying at home and cooking a meal for your family. Spend the night before, going through your favourite recipe books for ideas or endeavour to create your favourite childhood meal that your mother used to make for you; even if it is scrambled eggs on toast and bagels in the morning (or for dinner). It’s a gesture that will be treasured as much as any other gift. Some of the favourites from our childhoods here at Lumira are: Lemon Risotto, Crépes with Plum Jam, Pasta with any sort of Sacla sauce, and Lasagna.

Via The Boathouse

Via The Boathouse

An early start, fabulous car tunes, and a jacket are all you need for the perfect day out of town. Whether it’s just your mother and yourself or the whole family, decide on a destination and head away for the day. There’s a feeling around just leaving the city for the day because you know you’re going to find, see and do new things, but with the comfort of being back at home for the night to feel rejuvenated and rested for the next day. This is also an excellent way to get Mum’s mind off work, the house or the children just for a while to feel refreshed and light. Below is a list of spots just outside of Sydney that are perfect for a day away.
// Berry - For the ones who don’t mind warming up with fresh, hot doughnuts and admiring retro architecture - Berry is a quaint village bursting with character and home to one of the state's most talked about Doughnut Vans.
// Hunter Valley - For wine, wine, scenery and more wine. The hunter might be the exception to stay overnight in, simply because there’s the case of having one glass too many.
// Leura - For the wanderers and window shoppers, adorned with homewares, antique and candle shops, Leura is embellished with all sorts and only just an hour and a half drive from Sydney.
// Palm Beach - For the readers based in the Southern/Eastern parts of Sydney and would like to stay in the Sydney realm, head up north to Palm Beach where there’s lots to see, do and eat, in specific, at The Boathouse.

Merci, Mama!