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Studio 6, 1-7 Unwins Bridge Rd
St Peters NSW 2044

+61 414 808 205

LUMIRA is a luxury scented candle and fragrance house founded by Almira Armstrong in Sydney, Australia. LUMIRA fragrances are your luxury lifestyle essentials. Copyright 2018 Atelier Lumira.



Almira Armstrong

GLAMPING; GLAMOROUS CAMPING. Understandably, camping can be either loved or very much disliked by the individual. Perhaps you were brought up with holidays jam-packed with camping, campfires purely for roasting marshmallows and equipped with the coolest sleeping bag out. Or, maybe you always travelled far and resided in resorts or quaint hotels that were just right, with the best breakfasts and the revolving doors at reception that were next level fun. Either or, at Lumira we’re bring you four options to fill your glamping desires, combining luxury, adventure and fragrance in one.

It’s the epitome of a fabulous investment. If you and your friends or family are keen on getting out of town, or just into the backyard for a night or two or three, The Seek Society have all the answers. They are a community based and earth conscious business who are passionate about travelling and respecting the earth while resting on it’s grounds. They provide sustainable and earth-friendly outdoor equipment that are made to last - Introducing The Londonderry. A 4m, canvas bell tent designed to sleep up to four humans, that exudes comfort and style. Having your own luxury tent heightens your freedom and can be lent to a friend if need be. On an important side note, they are fire retardant… So bring all the Lumira Travel Candles your heart desires. We suggest Arabian Oud or No. 352 for bringing the warmth and romance with you.

This one is for the weekends away that you know are going to be utterly divine, and so over the top, but you also can’t help but feel giddy in the heart and the goosebumps aren’t a result of the cold. Love Cabins in The Blue Mountains have a few specifically themed tents, cabins and caves in this case. We’re lusting over their ‘Enchanted Cave’, you’re very own hole in the wall cave, complete with a kitchen, luxury bath tub, queen bed, fireplace, a hand carved love seat and the most spectacular view. You have the task of bring your own food, but let's be honest, champagne and wine are all you’d need in a cave with your other half. When it’s not fireplace appropriate season, a Lumira Travel Candle is the answer to the ensuite bathroom and to the bedside table. Cuban Tobacco and Tropical Gardenia would be ideal for the cosy nights and the fresh air mornings.

Image via  Love Cabins

Image via Love Cabins

This is the version of glamping that really appeals to the camping lovers and luxury hotel goers. All you have to do as a ‘glamper’, is bring clothing, food, a Lumira Travel Candle and the rest is provided. Including 100% linen bed sheets. Simple Pleasures Camping provides you with a camping package that completes you with a 5m bell tent, kitchen supplies, bedding, floor coverings and various appliances to accommodate you in utmost style and comfort. Along with this, you are able to choose from a number of different camping sites available through Simple Pleasures. While you enjoy the fragrance of nature, bring a slice of home with you too and burn Persian Rose or Tahitian Coconut on your provided table and chair set.

Only a mere half an hour drive away from Hunter Valley Wineries, The Donnybrook Eco Retreat can either be the place you reside to read a book and paint the landscape, or discover walking tracks and adventure with your pooch. At Donnybrook they are ‘committed to a sustainable lifestyle’, providing guests with a retreat that is built with long lasting and sustainable materials. Depending on what cabin/tent you decide to bunker down in, you could have a BBQ, relaxing basket chair, a tyre swing (great for children), kettle and toaster, or even a dinghy and paddle to bask in the sun with upon the lake. Located in the Luskintyre region of NSW’s Hunter Valley there are magnificent sunsets and rises to gawk at and many fragrances to create everlasting memories with. Bring Donnybrook home with you and burn a Lumira Travel Candle on your retreat. Maybe Tuscan Fig or Balinese Ylang Ylang will suit you more than well…