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LUMIRA is a luxury scented candle and fragrance house founded by Almira Armstrong in Sydney, Australia. LUMIRA fragrances are your luxury lifestyle essentials. Copyright 2018 Atelier Lumira.



Almira Armstrong

If there’s one thing that makes Winter a little easier, it’s walking into your home after a day out and about, being welcomed with a warmth that wraps around you, embracing all the goosebumps. Not only do the trusty heaters help with this, our decor and interior details play a big role too. From knit throws to the dinnerware we use for our favourite Winter recipes, we’ve compiled a few of our favourite winter interior accessories we bring out and update each time the season comes around.

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Oversized, knitted throws are hands down, one of the best things to have displayed in winter. Over the end of the bed, over the back of chairs or the lounge, they can be used at a variety of different times and for different things. Grabbing an extra layer of warmth during the night, to snuggle up with whilst reading on the lounge or getting up in all the warmth during date night/movie night. Choose a neutral colour that goes with the rest of your decor colour scheme - making it easy to rotate throughout the home.
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A vessel for an outdoors setting that holds lighted coals to create a perfectly safe and fancy campfire at home. You don’t have to farewell dinners at dusk from the summer during the winter. On those nights that aren’t completely, unbearably frosty, having a brazier to light a fire supply amazing warmth so you can star gaze and graze during the cooler months. Make sure to get one that isn’t too solid so heat does pass through the walls of the brazier.
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When the single digit days come knocking, so do the comfort food recipes. Even if you’re not so into bolognese and go for a hearty, hot soup or roast vegetable salad, having luxurious bowls and plates to cradle your winter favourites are definitely must haves. Plates with heightened edges, like walls, and deep-dished bowls are great places to start, focusing on earthy colours like greys, dark beiges and whites too are all divinely wintery.
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Candles are most definitely an all year round accessory, usually for their fragrance qualities. But never underestimate the power of warmth from a candle, especially on your bedside table or at the dining table. Choose candles that are larger in size and ones with earthier/richer fragrances. Scents such as amber, sandalwood and rose are all fabulous Winter scents. Having them sprinkled over the abode creates a warmth, even when unlit.
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Wallpaper can be easily mistaken as outdated or can seem daunting at the thought of a whole room clad with wallpaper. With simple processes and steps, wallpaper can be removed and placed relatively pain and tear free. Choose a room that has all white walls, and feature only one wall with wallpaper. Earthy coloured, thick stripes are always sophisticated and stylish, or a victorian pattern with a bit more going on brings movement to the space. A feature wall with pattern can make a room feel fuller and warmer, as if it were less spacious, in a good way.
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Via Pinterest

Marble is a trend that will continue for a while longer, but during winter it’s a lovely finish to have on decor accessories. Having the grey and white colour tones magnifies the vibe of the specific season, the same as you’d display bright coloured flowers in the spring… Marble goes so well with most colour tones, which makes it easier to buy more and more! Candle bases, platters, dinnerware, small pots etc.
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