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Studio 6, 1-7 Unwins Bridge Rd
St Peters NSW 2044

+61 414 808 205

LUMIRA is a luxury scented candle and fragrance house founded by Almira Armstrong in Sydney, Australia. LUMIRA fragrances are your luxury lifestyle essentials. Copyright 2018 Atelier Lumira.



Almira Armstrong

If you haven’t been a fan of the wintery vibes whilst dining out, now is the time to enjoy the outside tables and warm interiors that are perfect for cold mornings, afternoons and nights. As much as comfort food has the ability to warm our insides, it just doesn’t have the same effect if you're cold on the outside and in the wrong setting. This week on the Journal, we give you some of our most loved places to go in the winter time to dine outside and in. 


There’s something so honest and natural about Brickfields and the way it sits on the corner of Cleveland Street in Sydney’s Chippendale. Serving European pastries, bread, delicious cakes and savoury wonders from an ever-changing menu. The vibes are always pure and the set up is ideal for a crisply cold, morning breakfast. Sitting outside is a must under the trees and watching the cafe from the outside-in. Or sit inside in the warmth and look through to the bakery where all the magic happens. And when you leave, don’t forget to buy a fresh loaf of bread to make the experience last that little bit longer.

As an outstanding place to go for dinner, Yellow in Potts Point shines just as bright in the morning for breakfast. As well as their building literally being Yellow, the iconic vegetarian hotspot has incredible breakfast. Nestled in by thick, brick walls and shapely rich furniture, the interiors are a match made for winter lovers. Picture yourself indulging in their ‘Brioche bun, scrambled eggs, pickled zucchini and Harissa’ whilst being shielded from the chill. 


Lightly lit and delicately decorated, Bills in Surry Hills is definitely the place for lunch or brunch. Sitting outside in the sun under the heaters or inside in the space that is designed in the savviest of ways. The hum that circles in the restaurant are inviting enough, as is the yellow lighting around the edges of walls and fragrances that pour out from the kitchen. The menu here in winter is one to admire and is the reason we frequent especially in the winter.

We can’t think of a more suiting location to have Bolognese for lunch during winter. Escape the breeze that floats down Challis Avenue in Potts Point, and enter the dimly lit warmth of Fratelli Paradiso. Even though the tables are quite intimately spaced, that’s what makes it all the more romantic and something of an experience. The Italian waiters and waitresses have a way of making you feel cherished as a diner, as does the food.
Fratelli Paradiso


Wood roasted dishes and house-made charcuterie and cheese? We’re there. While you take that small piece of information onboard, this delight of a venue makes you feel as though you’re in the Hunter Valley, sipping on Australia’s finest wines, whilst dining with your favourite people. The warehouse turn restaurants' space is filled with warmth as it is packed and also because it’s churning out amazing food that changes depending on the seasons. It’s the perfect hideout for a low key meal during the winter on your own too.

Venture down to the Barangaroo waterfront and situate yourself at the Turkish restaurant and bar that is Anason. With heaters up and running and blankets at the ready, it’s such a magical place to have a celebratory dinner or a spontaneous one at that. The warmth of the staff and owner is beyond compare, making the experience that much more pleasurable. The fit out is incredibly striking with turquoise blues and pops of yellow and white, it beams warmth, even though it shines with Mediterranean looks.