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Studio 6, 1-7 Unwins Bridge Rd
St Peters NSW 2044

+61 414 808 205

LUMIRA is a luxury scented candle and fragrance house founded by Almira Armstrong in Sydney, Australia. LUMIRA fragrances are your luxury lifestyle essentials. Copyright 2018 Atelier Lumira.



Almira Armstrong

IT'S SAFE TO SAY that the summer of 16’ was nothing short of distinct one. A new benchmark has been set for what the season of beach filled days and balmy, hot nights truly means.

However, despite the many weather changes that frequent us, it’s become engrained in our nature to light a candle - through rain, hail or shine – adding that touch of luxury to our everyday.

There is a certain leisureliness that comes with starting your day curled up in bed, possibly with your S.O, a candle burning beside you. Taking the time to be in the presence of a new season can be the utmost relaxing time, and one we sometimes forget to take heed of. Candles have the ability to transport you from your bedroom to a luxury teepee in a dewy forest in an instant – the scents of cedar wood and amber emanating throughout your space.

So as we welcome frosty mornings and the Jac + Jack knits we’ve neglected, there’s a nostalgia that comes with reminders of autumn and winters past that we are all suddenly yearning for.

Let us guide you into autumn with a selection of Lumira’s most suitable seasonal candles, assuring an easy transition away from summer, as you again fall in love with autumn…

Summer for us screams fresh fruits, steamy sunsets and nights under the stars with your closest friends and family. Wake up and start your day with our Tahitian Coconut candle, filling your abode with notes of frangipani, mouth-watering coconut and mandarin. Immediately you’re transported to the south pacific in your washroom, bedroom or living room - it’s the perfect scent to have in each of these spaces. The balmy nights call for windows and doors flung wide, allowing for the occasional breeze to flow through. Place the Sicilian Citrus scented candle upon a windowsill or coffee table and let the soft breeze carry the scent. The notes of jasmine, musk, white peach and orange compliment late afternoon sunbeams before fading into dusk. 

Autumn - in other words romance, change and mystery. Fluttering leaves fall just as the change in season grasps our senses so viciously. As we start closing our windows just a little bit more each morning and night, we still long for that cool breeze to venture in. A familiar scent is the epitome of memory, so why not create these with the Lumira Tuscan Fig candle and Cypres de Provence candle. Cypres de Provence compliments the cool, romance filled nights with bergamot, cedar wood and vanilla. Tuscan Fig provides the perfect balance – refreshing, while warming your space. Earthy musk is at its’ heart and sweet fig is what it exhales. A must-have fragrance for evenings spent in, with a delicious aged cheddar, fresh figs and a glass of Tempranillo in hand. 

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

Au revoir autumn, hello winter. We’ve been preparing for the chill, so when it decides to settle in for a cool few months, you’ll know exactly how to brighten your skies and warm your days with the ultimate scented candle and perfume oil. We all dread that brief moment of freeze as we turn off the shower faucet and locate a fuzzy towel. Instead, step out and into Old Havana with the Cuban Tobacco Perfume Oil. For both ladies and gentlemen, apply to your pulse points and be embraced by cardamom and clove bud, evolving throughout the day into rich vanilla, tobacco and musk. Humble your office space, home or boudoir with No. 352 Leather and Cedar. With familiar notes of spicy cedar reminiscent of autumn and notes of warm leather cradle a room with every flicker of the candles flame.

Spring comes as an uplift from the moody days of winter, with flowers blooming beyond belief and the freshest of air. The season of spring is brightly sultry with florals such as rose and gardenia filling the landscape. Our Persian Rose Perfume Oil is the ideal Spring scent, exuding tones of rose water among luscious notes of bergamot zest and dark amber. There will be turning heads in the wake of your departure. A spring day spent amongst the trees blossoming with zesty fruits and full-bloomed flora is at the heart of the Lumira Tropical Gardenia candle - luxe top notes of lemon zest and spice, are met with by double-blooming gardenia, freesia and tuberose, anchored by white musk and the lightest of ambers. Perfectly positioned on a windowsill or as a study desk staple, allow the Tropical Gardenia to welcome well-being, new beginnings and the season to reassess your priorities!