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LUMIRA is a luxury scented candle and fragrance house founded by Almira Armstrong in Sydney, Australia. LUMIRA fragrances are your luxury lifestyle essentials. Copyright 2018 Atelier Lumira.



Almira Armstrong

Often we underestimate how our surroundings can make us feel emotionally - especially in our own spaces and rooms which are so intimate to ourselves. We slumber in our bedrooms – the place we expect stress to fade and relaxation to wash over us, yet for some reason we can, at times, struggle to sleep feeling on edge and with a loud mind.

A few Feng Shui basics are removing clutter, rubbish and bad aromas from each room in the house to eliminate negative spaces. Throwing out unwanted goods - keeping unnecessary items perceives holding onto the past which in some cases may not be the best thing for our delicate and ever growing souls.

Most of the time the solutions to a stress free house are the simplest or smallest.
We suggest to reassess the colour of your walls or how many trinkets you have on your shelves; to consider the effects they may be having on the way you feel in your abode. In this serotonin filled Journal post, we will give you some of our top interior accessory pieces we’re loving right now.

Image via The New York Times

Image via The New York Times

The Bedroom
One of the most sacred places in our home is where we sleep, dream, get dressed and hold majority of our special possessions. It is so easy to clutter our zone with various objects and this leads us to feel messy and unorganised - both mentally and physically. Waking up and immediately looking at a cluttered shelf or a wall with chaotic posters/wall paper designs can translate to feelings of stress. Instead, try having your room painted a fresh white, or have a feature wall coloured dusty pinks, light blues, pale greys or beige tones. All of these colours are proven to either lower blood pressure, slow down your heart rate and induce a calm and relaxing environment. A beautiful art piece is also a refreshing way to style a bare wall. To address the clutter issue you may be facing, have a deep clean of your shelves and cupboards and while you’re at it, it might be time to let go of some items that don’t resonate with you anymore, keeping only the ones that do. Display items that have a purpose on your shelves and bed side tables. Now to scent. Scent is also an important factor to creating a serene setting. We would recommend our Balinese Ylang Ylang with notes of sandalwood and ylang ylang – both contain relaxing and aphrodisiac qualities.

Image via  Pinterest .

Image via Pinterest.

The Living Room
Firstly, it’s important to recognize the way you utilize your living space. Do you prefer it to be more of a social zone or a Netflix with the S.O. situation? Once you’ve decided, design the living room space around the functionality - this can immediately change the way the area makes you feel and will help you decide what furniture to select. Secondly, the brain actively searches for symmetry and groups of three. A funky sofa, shelf, and coffee table are three pieces that tie in together to create a well formed space. Think gold edging or a continuum of wood textures. With these furnishings, place a minimal amount of things on shelves and coffee tables to create a space devoid of clutter (and avoid making your living room feel like a showroom). A tray for your coffee table is ideal for keeping your candle, feature books and remotes in one tidy space. Indoor plants bring a sense of warmth and of the great outdoors, inside. Japanese bonsais are a lovely touch to any space - stylish and easy to look after too! Tropical Gardenia as a scent (and flower) exudes aromas of rich florals,  associated with purity and well-being, which tie into the notions of feeling at one with the space you are in.

Image via  Pinterest .

Image via Pinterest.

The Kitchen
The kitchen should be a place for creativity and inclusiveness for the whole family or, possibly, where romance may spark (pre-heat the oven to 180C). Most of us have an instinct or possibly a need to feel clean and keep things crumb free in the kitchen. Wiping the bench down after cooking, stacking the dishwasher or cleaning the dishware before you sleep will create a significant change in your stress levels for the following day. Be smart about storage here, and keep out the essentials only; salt & pepper shakers, a water decanter and how about a pop of colour with a pastel blue toaster, kettle or even a lush cheese board (we’re eyeing off the agate board from Anthropolgie - see below). Having minimal clutter in the kitchen keeps your mind fresh and open to creating more and worrying less about even having to enter the picture perfect space. If you have a window in your kitchen vicinity, it’s a savvy idea to have a candle on the sill. Fresh air in the kitchen allows your preferred aroma to flow through the space and may gently cover the smell of last nights’ salmon steamed in foil with lemon. Notes of citrus and jasmine pair together very well and are perfect for both mornings and afternoons. Light out Sicilian Citrus and enjoy it’s smooth and uplifting aroma!