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LUMIRA is a luxury scented candle and fragrance house founded by Almira Armstrong in Sydney, Australia. LUMIRA fragrances are your luxury lifestyle essentials. Copyright 2018 Atelier Lumira.


5 reasons to try a perfume oil

Almira Armstrong


The original form of fragrance, perfume oils are an ancient art that also happen to be perfectly suited for our modern times. From greater convenience to better longevity, here are five very good reasons to try a perfume oil.

1. They’re convenient

Science tells us that one of the very best ways to capture and preserve a treasured memory is by linking it to the power of scent, so it can be useful to have your favourite with you at all times.  Whether you stow your oil in your daily handbag or carefully pack it for a global adventure, the sleek lines of these bottles makes them convenient to carry, while the applicator top minimises unfortunate leakages. Consider The Vow By Nicole Trunfio for a wedding day – it’s diminutive enough to slip into the smallest of handbags. 

2. Creating a customised scent is simple

Whether you like to add a hint of musk to a floral or use citrus notes to brighten up deeper scents, perfume oils make it possible to completely customise your own fragrance. Apply them side-by-side on the skin, or on entirely separate parts of the body, but never layer one oil on top of another, as they can co-mingle on the applicator. Not sure where to start? Read our Journal article for suggestions on how to select and layer perfume oils. 

3. They have better longevity

Spray perfume is made with an alcohol base, which can evaporate quickly – taking your beloved scent with it. By contrast, a perfume oil clings to the skin for longer. As your natural body heat warms the oil throughout the day, the scent is refreshed and released.

4. They’re more intimate

Surrounding oneself with a great cloud of perfume might have been acceptable in the flashy 1980s but these days, it’s all about keeping a scent close to your skin. After all, if you and your loved ones are the only people who experience it, that’s really all that matters. 

5. They have greater precision

Rather than spritzing into the air and hoping for the best, the tip of a perfume oil allows for a more precise application. If Arabian Oud makes you go weak at the knees, why not apply it right to that area (behind the knees is a pulse point, so applying perfume there is highly recommended). Alternatively, if you prefer to leave a subtle waft of Tuscan Fig in your wake, try positioning it on the nape of your neck, where it gently infuses both skin and hair. 

Five perfume oils to try

Written by Michelle Bateman