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Studio 6, 1-7 Unwins Bridge Rd
St Peters NSW 2044

+61 414 808 205

LUMIRA is a luxury scented candle and fragrance house founded by Almira Armstrong in Sydney, Australia. LUMIRA fragrances are your luxury lifestyle essentials. Copyright 2018 Atelier Lumira.


Press for LUMIRA.


Almira Armstrong

Almira Armstrong of Lumira Luxury Home Fragrances

As self-proclaimed candle junkies, we admit that we’re pretty ecstatic to have Almira Armstrong, founder of the luxury lifestyle candle and product line Lumira, here on The Everygirl today. Oh, and one of our favorite things about this gutsy lady, aside from her (insanely) amazing products? She’ll be the first to tell you that life wasn’t always this glamorous.

While the rest of her classmates in Sydney were landing jobs at highly coveted fashion PR firms, Almira began her career in the marketing department of a legal publisher…selling law books. Not one to sulk, she soaked up every piece of knowledge she could and went on to successfully launch not just one, but multiple businesses and products of her own.

As an advocate of making do with what you have and being your own “expert” whenever possible, Almira was able to successfully launch Lumira on a modest budget – something most product-based business owners know is easier said than done. By choosing to tackle the initial branding and marketing on her own, she was not only able to save capital for the company but also achieve her own specific vision. Keep reading for plenty more on building her business from the ground up, how she prepared for the launch financially and what advice she has for you to do the same.