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The Inspiration Behind Terra Australis



The relentless heat of the sun ricochets off the ochre dust, the air hanging heavy. From the unblinking stillness, a shard of scent escapes: a wisp of smoke, a cleansing clutch of aromatic herbs. Slowly, they coil themselves into a cicada-chorus of fragrance – delicate, harmonious and completely in tune with the earth. The faintest breeze rustles through the underbrush, a billy of tea hums on the campfire and, for just a moment, time stands still.

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Niche fragrances for the home hand-crafted in our home city of Sydney, Australia.

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Months in the making, the range includes two new scents – Soleil du Maroc and Desert Nights – alongside a trio of our most loved fragrances, all available as Parfum for the first time. 

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