Introducing Sphera

A luxuriously sustainable way to experience LUMIRA fragrance in the home.

Housed in its striking glass sphere, SPHERA proposes a deliberate ritual that allows the scent to release over time. 


Eau de Parfum

Travel With Scent

Experience the LUMIRA ethos and escape through scent with our wearable perfumes for the self. Cruelty and Vegan Free, Non-Toxic and Sustainably Conscious.

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The Ultimate Luxury Accessories

Make a statement in your home

Add a sense of luxury to your home with LUMIRA’s Home Accessories that will keep your candles beautiful for now and forever.

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Luxurious hand wash

Perfect in any bathroom

Sustainably sourced fine fragrance oils and a nourishing, gentle wash formula for your skin, presented in a luxurious refillable glass bottle. Easily refill your LUMIRA Hand Wash with our recyclable spout pouch. 

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