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Article: A Classic Returns – LUMIRA X Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley


A Classic Returns – LUMIRA X Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley

Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley Scented Candle

As one of Australia’s most luxurious resorts, there’s plenty about Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley that makes it memorable.

The property itself is extraordinary, a sprawling 2800 hectares of natural beauty that takes in untamed bushlands, undulating valleys and a National Park, all ready to be explored by foot or on horseback. You can hit the hiking trails and spot native animals in abundance – wombats, possums, kangaroos and birdlife all make their homes on the property – or stay indoors and enjoy the private plunge pool adjacent to your luxury villa. And come nightfall, there’s a choice between enjoying a gourmet meal in the dining room or experiencing a stargazing adventure around a remote campfire. 

Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley Luxury Resort

It’s a place that encourages guests to slow down and be in the moment. And when you do, you’re rewarded with the microscopic details that make this place so magical.

You might notice a certain clarity – in the absence of city lights, sounds and smells, the very air here feels cleaner. It’s this feeling that LUMIRA founder and creative director Almira Armstrong has distilled into an exclusive candle, created in partnership with Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley.

Experiencing the scent

The candle captures a hike through the majestic Australian bush, with the breeze rustling through a canopy of eucalyptus. The damp leaves underfoot form a luscious carpet, their dense and mossy scent marking the way. At the top of the trail, you emerge to discover an awe-inspiring view of the valley below with the sunshine warming your back, its spicy radiance catching in the air.

For visitors to the resort, the exclusive LUMIRA X Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley Candle makes the perfect memento. And for those yet to experience the property, it offers an olfactory doorway onto the scene.

Top: Herbaceous, Eucalyptus, Anise
Heart: Spicy, Cardamom, Clove
Base: Woody, Patchouli, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Musk

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Written by Michelle Bateman