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Article: Love notes – pairing fragrance and music


Love notes – pairing fragrance and music

Scent and sound share a common language, one of notes and compositions, harmonies and accords. It’s little surprise, really, as both artforms tap directly into the parts of our brain responsible for memory and emotions.

Just as you’d select a playlist or a piece of music to set a scene or prepare you for one, so too should your fragrance be selected with the same care and consideration. We suggest combining the two for a completely immersive experience that transforms your mood and that of the people around you. This technique works brilliantly for an intimate Valentine’s Day celebration but can also be applied to other occasions.

Here’s how to do it…

To create an air of relaxed sophistication

The scent: The opulent notes of incense and Ylang Ylang are inherently mysterious, lingering in the back of the mind long after their source has been extinguished. This is what makes Balinese Ylang Ylang Candle and Perfume Oil ideal for a sophisticated affair. Its grounding notes of sandalwood and patchouli also promote a sense of warmth and calm.

The sound: Nina Simone’s honeyed voice is a similarly bewitching foil for the intensity of Balinese Ylang Ylang. If you were to select just one song, it would undoubtedly be her version of I Put A Spell on You.  

For a sensual atmosphere

The scent: Animalistic notes such as vetiver, musk and aged leather speak to our more primal side and set the scene for a party of two. You’ll find them in our Desert Nights Parfum, along with warm and spicy saffron and honey. The result is simply irresistible.

The sound: When it comes to unbridled sensuality, Marvin Gaye is the undisputed master. Whether it’s Let’s Get It On or Sexual Healing, he is the king of the night. 

To get the party started

The scent: Bois d’Epices Parfum is an effervescent addition to any soirée. An uplifting blend of citrus and spice, this bubbly composition is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

The sound: The sweet sounds of electro-pop are almost impossible to resist, especially when they’re of the icy Scandinavian variety. Hit play on The Knife, Annie or Fever Ray and watch as a dancefloor miraculously opens up in your living room.





Written by Michelle Bateman