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Article: The Vow, a collaboration between Nicole Trunfio and LUMIRA


The Vow, a collaboration between Nicole Trunfio and LUMIRA

The best collaborations are the ones that happen organically, and that’s exactly how The Vow by Nicole Trunfio x LUMIRA came to be. Nicole first reached out while making candles as favours for the guests at her 2016 wedding to musician Gary Clark, Jr. After endless emails and a dinner date, a friendship evolved between Trunfio and LUMIRA founder Almira Armstrong.

“Nicole ordered a range of Lumira candles ahead of her wedding and we ended up emailing about fragrance and candles for some time afterwards. A couple of years later, we discussed collaborating, given Nicole’s deep love of scent and our shared passion for evoking emotion through it,” Armstrong explains.

The Vow by Nicole Trunfio x LUMIRA launches Monday 30 April 2018 and consists of a candle and a perfume oil. The sensual blend of rose, magnolia, sandalwood and tobacco is lightened by a citrusy lemon and grapefruit. Deep floral notes combine with a delicate woody spice that’s sure to transform any space into a relaxing sanctuary. 

More than just a beautiful scent, The Vow was inspired by self-love. “We came up with The Vow as a way to promote self-love and all of the positivity it can bring to your life and those around you,” says Nicole. 

“The Vow could be the vow of love you share with your partner, your family, your children, but most importantly, it’s the vow of love that you share with yourself. Self-love harbours lifetimes of happiness and prosperity, inspiring growth and positive change for the world around you and the generations after you."

“I was hugely honoured to work with Lumira to create a scent that I hope evokes feelings of strength, love, contemplation and reflection for those who purchase it.”

The collaboration launches in time for Mother’s Day on Sunday 13 May. “The scent was developed with mothers in mind,” says Armstrong. “To celebrate the intrinsic and unconditional love they have for themselves and for others but more importantly, as a reminder to find a moment of still for themselves."

 “Of course it’s still a scent that can work for anyone,” she adds. “It’s calming and effortless, with an air of style and sophistication that Nicole naturally exudes.”

Housed in signature sleek black with gold detailing, this exclusive collaboration smells and looks even better than it sounds.

Available to Shop from Monday 30t April.

Photography of Nicole and Kids by Chris Bagôt and Almira and Kids by Kath Mclean