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Article: 3 Fragrance Trends That Will Dominate Valentine’s Gifting


3 Fragrance Trends That Will Dominate Valentine’s Gifting

While fragrance remains a classic choice for Valentine's Day, there's a refreshing shift in our community's approach this year. Instead of opting for the conventional and predictable scents, individuals are using the occasion as a canvas for self-expression and exploration. This Valentine's, the focus is on breaking away from the norm, embracing uniqueness, and discovering the allure of new and distinctive notes.

Many of them are coming to us – either online or visiting our Paddington boutique – with a desire to explore new directions in scent.

We’ve noticed three key trends are gaining traction and expect this to increase as Valentine’s Day approaches. 

Trend #1: Dark vanilla

It’s no secret that vanilla is having a major moment, with younger customers craving this comforting gourmand scent. But the new iterations are deeper, smokier and altogether less wholesome.

While woody cedar and sensual leather are the heroes in No.352 Leather & Cedar, it also harnesses the warmth of vanilla pod to add a sweet and toasty inflection.   

The result is dark, intriguing and quite addictive.

Trend #2: Feelgood botanicals

Long associated with aromatherapy, botanical notes of lavender and eucalyptus find a new expression when used in luxury fragrances.

In Paradiso del Sole, the brisk, arresting notes of lavender, camphor and aromatic herbs are reminiscent of Italy’s Amalfi Coast and help customers feel as good as they smell.

Trend #3: Perfume for pleasure

Increasingly, Valentine’s Day is being used as an opportunity to practise self-love and self-gifting – and perfume is the ultimate feelgood indulgence.

Similarly, we’re seeing more customers choose a fragrance that resonates first and foremost with their personal enjoyment and sense of self-expression.

Niche luxury fragrance brands speak to this desire for self-pleasure, offering discerning customers a taste of something new without compromising the impeccable quality they’ve come to expect.