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Home Fragrance

LUMIRA’s luxury home fragrances are a celebration of beautiful scent, sophisticated design and the spirit of travel. They are hand crafted using the finest fragrance oils to create a considered collection of niche fragrances with sustainability at the heart.

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LUMIRA Arabian Oud CandleArabian Oud Candle - LUMIRA
Arabian Oud Candle
Sale price$80.00
Arabian Oud Room SprayArabian Oud Room Spray
Arabian Oud Room Spray
Sale price$85.00
LUMIRA Balinese Ylang Ylang CandleBalinese Ylang Ylang Candle - LUMIRA
LUMIRA Cuban Tobacco CandleCuban Tobacco Candle - LUMIRA
Cuban Tobacco Candle
Sale price$80.00
LUMIRA Cypres de Provence CandleCypres de Provence Candle - LUMIRA
Cypres de Provence Candle
Sale price$80.00
Il Giardino CandleIl Giardino Candle
Il Giardino Candle
Sale price$80.00
Il Giardino Room SprayIl Giardino Room Spray
Il Giardino Room Spray
Sale price$85.00
LUMIRA La Primavera CandleLa Primavera Candle - LUMIRA
La Primavera Candle
Sale price$80.00
LUMIRA  No352 CandleNo352 Leather & Cedar Candle - LUMIRA
LUMIRA Paradiso del Sole CandleParadiso del Sole Candle - LUMIRA
Paradiso del Sole Candle
Sale price$80.00
Paradiso del Sole Room SprayParadiso del Sole Room Spray
LUMIRA Persian Rose Candle Persian Rose Candle - LUMIRA
Persian Rose Candle
Sale price$80.00
Persian Rose Room SprayPersian Rose Room Spray
Persian Rose Room Spray
Sale price$85.00
LUMIRA Sicilian Citrus CandleSicilian Citrus Candle - LUMIRA
Sicilian Citrus Candle
Sale price$80.00
LUMIRA Tahitian Coconut CandleTahitian Coconut Candle - LUMIRA
Tahitian Coconut Candle
Sale price$80.00
Terra Australis - LUMIRATerra Australis Candle - LUMIRA
Terra Australis Candle
Sale price$80.00
Tonic Of Gin - LUMIRATonic Of Gin Candle - LUMIRA
Tonic Of Gin Candle
Sale price$80.00
LUMIRA Tuscan Fig Candle Tuscan Fig Candle - LUMIRA
Tuscan Fig Candle
Sale price$80.00
Tuscan Fig Room SprayTuscan Fig Room Spray
Tuscan Fig Room Spray
Sale price$85.00
LUMIRA Tunisian Mint Tea CandleTunisian Mint Tea Candle - LUMIRA
Tunisian Mint Tea Candle
Sale price$80.00
Arabian Oud Sphera Set - LUMIRAArabian Oud Sphera Set - LUMIRA
Arabian Oud Sphera Set
Sale price$220.00
Arabian Oud Essenza - LUMIRAArabian Oud Essenza - LUMIRA
Arabian Oud Essenza
Sale price$39.00
Cuban Tobacco Sphera Set - LUMIRACuban Tobacco Sphera Set - LUMIRA
Cuban Tobacco Sphera Set
Sale price$220.00
Cuban Tobacco Essenza - LUMIRACuban Tobacco Essenza - LUMIRA
Cuban Tobacco Essenza
Sale price$39.00
Tall, Dark & Handsome Candle Discovery Set - LUMIRATall, Dark & Handsome Candle Discovery Set - LUMIRA
La Dolce Vita Candle Discovery Set - LUMIRALa Dolce Vita Candle Discovery Set - LUMIRA
Arabian Oud Scented Drawer Liners - LUMIRAArabian Oud Scented Drawer Liners - LUMIRA
Il Giardino Scented Drawer LinersIl Giardino Scented Drawer Liners