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LUMIRA Candle Discovery Set

Sale price$99.00 USD

Experience the exquisite world of our scented candle fragrances with our comprehensive Discovery Set. This enchanting collection includes a delightful array of aromas, from the intoxicating notes of Arabian Oud and the exotic allure of Balinese Ylang Ylang to the warm embrace of Cuban Tobacco and the timeless elegance of Cypres de Provence. With each scented treasure like Il Giardino, La Primavera, No352, Paradiso del Sole, Persian Rose, Sicilian Citrus, Tahitian Coconut, Terra Australis, Tonic of Gin, Tunisian Mint Tea, and Tuscan Fig, this set promises a journey of sensory delight.

These fragrant gems are elegantly packaged in tea light size, making the Discovery Set the perfect gateway to explore and savour all the nuances of our exceptional scents.

15x 10g