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Article: 5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing Perfume As a Gift

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5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing Perfume As a Gift

LUMIRA Perfume

Selecting a fragrance is a delicate art, one that owes as much to memory and emotion as it does to notes and composition. So too is there an art to gifting perfume – but it’s one that can be learnt and mastered.

It begins with an intimate understanding of your gift recipient – their style, tastes and personality. The following questions can be a useful tool to guide your selection, helping you find a unique luxury fragrance that speaks from your heart to theirs.

How would you describe their personality?

Character traits provide an all-important starting point for fragrance taste. If they’re quite traditional in their thinking, they may gravitate towards a scent that’s equally time-honoured – often a floral, particularly one with rose notes. Bohemian types might prefer a complex and unusual scent to mirror their own mysterious air.

Someone who is confident and outgoing might enjoy a bold fragrance, while someone who is more introverted and sensitive might prefer a softer and more delicate scent.

What are their favourite past-times?

Lifestyle factors also play a role in selecting the right fragrance. Someone who leads an active lifestyle might appreciate a refreshing citrus or herbal scent, while someone who enjoys attending formal events might gravitate towards a more elegant and sophisticated fragrance composed with oud and woody notes.

Where do they work?

In a professional setting, a sophisticated and polished fragrance can make a positive impression. Woody scents – such as cedarwood and sandalwood – project an air of authority and confidence, while conveying an approachable manner. For those working in a creative field, a dry woody and spicy fragrance with rich and nuanced notes of leather, tobacco or patchouli complements an artistic image.


Where do they vacation?

If their dream destination is a tropical island, a lush floral scent with Ylang-Ylang and jasmine will fuel their escape fantasies. A beachgoer might prefer a light aquatic or aromatic fragrance with enlivening citrus and sea salt to stay refreshed in the heat.

Which colours do they gravitate towards?

Despite perfume’s ephemeral qualities, it shares many correlations with colour. Someone who surrounds themselves with green may enjoy a similarly clean, fresh scent. Those who prefer white, ecru and other light neutrals might find a parallel in the zesty palate-cleanser of a citrus fragrance

When considering these questions, one area may stand out as a defining feature of your gift recipient. Or consider them together to craft a nuanced story that leads to a luxury, Australian-made perfume they will adore. 




Written by Michelle Bateman