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Article: 6 interior experts who inspire us

A Life With Scent

6 interior experts who inspire us

Thanks to social media, there’s no shortage of fresh interior inspiration from all corners of the world. But these six keep us enthralled for their precise eye and unique sense of style.

Athena Calderone

From the meals she cooks to her adorable puppy, Calderone has a knack for elevating every aspect of daily life into an artform. But what really keeps us coming back is her way with interiors – her Brooklyn townhouse and Hamptons beach house provide endless inspiration for designing rooms that are simple yet full of impact. She’s also generous in sharing tips and hacks for recreating the many DIY pieces around her home.

PHOTO BY NICOLE FRANZENPhoto by Nicole Franzen 

Kelly Wearstler

A true master of the mix, no one blends styles, eras and references quite like Kelly Wearstler. Never afraid to take a risk, her interiors feature clashing patterns and colours, and there’s usually at least one slightly odd piece that looks like it was unearthed at a country flea market. In less assured hands it could easily go wrong, but Wearstler’s genius is to make juxtaposition look like the most natural thing in the world.

Santa Monica Proper HotelPhoto from Kelly Wearstler 

Therese Sennerholt

Strictly speaking, she’s not an interior designer, but this Stockholm-based art director specialises in bringing her brand of pared-back Scandi minimalism to her many interiors photo shoots. Perhaps her finest work, however, is her own home, which features regularly on her Instagram feed – it’s a feast of neutral colours, interesting textures and classic design.

Therese SennerholtPhoto from Therese Sennerholt 

Pierre Yovanovitch

Dividing his time between France and New York, Yovanovitch’s designs marry the best of both worlds – Parisian polish with a pinch of playfulness is his hallmark. Eclectic in spirit, his interiors are united by a use of bold colour and classic modernist art and furniture, all combined in the most self-assured way.

Pierre YovanovitchPhoto from Pierre Yovanovitch

Camilla Guinness

If you’re searching for an antidote to endless shades of beige and are not immune to the charm of artfully arranged clutter, direct your Instagram scroll to Camilla Guinness’s feed. This English designer is based in Italy and effortlessly fuses the two styles in a delectable mix of faded finishes, sunny colours and exactly the right amount of whimsy. 

Camilla GuinnessPhoto from Camilla Guinness

Joseph Dirand

Dirand’s interiors make a clear argument that minimalism is not just about stripping everything back, it’s also about layering up with the right mix of old and new, hard and soft. Architectural Digest has called his style a “romantic take on minimalism”, it’s warm and welcoming, while still being very precise.

Joseph DirandPhoto from Architectural Digest 



Written by Michelle Bateman