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Article: A Guide to Gifting Fragrance This Mother’s Day

Gift Ideas

A Guide to Gifting Fragrance This Mother’s Day

Personal, intimate and meaningful, a fragrance is undoubtedly one of the most special Mother’s Day gift ideas. We know it can also be intimidating to select a new scent, so we’ve prepared a few pointers to help make the process easier.

Take note of her style

Consider this an opportunity to really understand her style and character: does she stand out in a crowd, or prefer more subtle choices with her clothing and jewellery? Is she traditional or creative? Is her home her sanctuary or does she enjoy travel at any opportunity? Does she wear fragrance every day or save it only for special occasions?

All of these cues will help to pinpoint the type of fragrance she’ll enjoy as well as the type of product that will best complement her lifestyle.

Selecting the right type of fragrance

If she wears perfume regularly, this is an obvious place to start. Can you distinguish any notes or families of scent – such as floral, fresh or woody – that often feature in her repertoire? Our guide to fragrance families can help pinpoint exactly what she might like. 

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If she prefers to enjoy scent at home, this offers a wonderful opportunity to experiment and introduce her to a new luxury candle or room spray. Her interiors and entertaining style can provide certain clues about the type of scent she might like.

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Still unsure?

Introduce fragrance in a small but meaningful way. A luxurious hand wash and lotion duo in a sublime scent will always be appreciated. It creates an opportunity for her to take time for herself, which is possibly the most precious gift of all.

And if she adores the scent you select – whether Balinese Ylang Ylang, Persian Rose or Paradiso del Sole – this provides a valuable clue for your next gifting opportunity.

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Written by Michelle Bateman