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Article: Four fragrances for your next outdoor event

A Life With Scent

Four fragrances for your next outdoor event

Beach Sunrise

There’s no doubt this will be the season of the great outdoors, so give your alfresco lifestyle a glamorous spin with the right fragrance. The following four perfumes will see you through every occasion in your calendar.  

To watch the sunrise on the beach

The moment those first rays push their way above the horizon line, the world is reborn and everything seems possible. This minor miracle happens every day and yet it’s still something to be celebrated. Mark the occasion with a scent befitting of the sun itself –  Soleil du Maroc Parfum.

Its scent structure mimics that of the sunrise, opening with a swathe of lemongrass, basil and lime zest, fresh as the morning dew and full of promise. As it evolves, base notes of oud, musk and vanilla come to the forefront, capturing the warmth and intensity of the sun’s radiance.  

For a picnic in the park

Whether you arrive early to nab a prized position or simply set up on a whim, an afternoon in the park is one of the very best ways to recharge body and mind. Whenever possible, our garden of choice is always one of the incredible Royal Botanic Gardens around Australia and the world, with whom we have partnered on a number of projects over the past three years.

The challenge of selecting a scent for such an occasion is to find one that complements the surrounding flora without competing with it. The solution: La Primavera Parfum, a delicate bouquet of much-loved florals including jasmine, lily and roseleaf. Its creation was inspired by the splendour of San Remo, Italy, in springtime but its beauty translates anywhere in the world. 

For an evening under the stars

As the warmth of spring extends into the evenings, alfresco dining becomes even more appealing. Balinese Ylang Ylang Perfume Oil captures that languorous mood with its heady notes of tropical ylang ylang, smoky incense and velvety sandalwood.

The slimline vial and rollerball dispenser make this an easy and no-fuss option to store in even the smallest of handbags. Because we know that some of the very best summer occasions are impromptu ones, but it always pays to be prepared.

For rooftop cocktails

A balmy night, a rooftop, the twinkling of a city skyline in the distance… this is how we will celebrate the coming summer. And nothing captures the mood of urban celebration quite like Arabian Oud Parfum.

Sophisticated, sensual and with a hint of sweetness, it dances between the opulence of oud and the fresh beauty of powdery rose. A scent that’s beloved by people of all genders, it’s even better when shared.



Written by Michelle Bateman