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Article: How to make your candle last longer

How to

How to make your candle last longer

When you really love a scent, it’s only natural to want to get the most out of it. And while a candle is here for a good time, not a long time, there are some simple ways to extend the life of your favourites.

Here, LUMIRA founder and creative director Almira Armstrong shares her best advice for getting the most out of your candle – for as long as possible.

Make the first time count

Your candle never forgets its first burn, so it’s important to get it right. “Wax has a memory, and it will always follow the first burn,” explains Armstrong. When lighting a new candle, always allow enough time for the wax to melt evenly across the entire surface; this usually takes a couple of hours for a 300 gram candle. Extinguishing the flame too soon can create a ‘tunnel’ in the wax, which will only deepen with subsequent burns. This isn’t only aesthetically annoying, it also shortens the life of your candle.

Burn for you

Once the wax has been set, follow-up burns should be around four to five hours maximum to preserve the fragrance, says Armstrong. “Our candles are made with premium essential oils that are designed to scent a room quite quickly,” she explains. “If you do prefer a more intense or long-lasting scent, I like to combine the candle with a spritz or two of our room spray in a complementary fragrance.”

Of course, it goes without saying that a burning candle should never be left unattended, and should be kept well away from children, pets and flyaway curtains.

Snip the wick

You know the saying: where there’s smoke, there’s… a wick in need of a trim. “For an even and smoke-free burn, trim the wick to about 3–5mm prior to burning,” says Armstrong. “If you leave your candle burning longer than four hours, extinguish the flame, trim the wick and then re-light it.”

Know when to say good-bye

Sure, you might like to burn your candle to the very end, but for safety, it’s best to discontinue burning once there’s around one centimetre of wax left.

Allow the memory of your candle to live on by repurposing the vessel to store pens, brushes or other items. “To remove any leftover wax, place the vessel in your freezer for around 15 minutes, then simply lift and scrape it away,” advises Armstrong. Always discard the wax in the garbage; never wash it down the drain.


Written by Michelle Bateman