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Article: How to match your perfume to your colour palette

A Life With Scent

How to match your perfume to your colour palette

What do colours smell like? For many people with synaesthesia, the idea that a particular colour would be associated with a specific scent is as natural as breathing. Any time they see blue, for example, they might immediately connect it to the smell of peppermint or even something seemingly unrelated – like almonds.

But while it’s believed around one in 2000 people worldwide have synaesthesia, it turns out that making a connection between colour and fragrance is actually far more common. Curiously, scientists have discovered that some shade/scent pairings are almost universal, even transcending culture and taste.

The colours pink and red are near-universally associated with fruity scents, while shades of brown emanate an earthy fragrance. By taking this approach, why not pair your perfume with your colour palette? Whether you’re matching a scented candle to your interior or finding the perfect complement for an outfit, here are five combinations to try…

If your interior is green…

In the study, shades of green were widely associated with woody fragrances. So if your interior features olive or khaki, or is accented in a rich, deep emerald, look for a scent with cedarwood, cypress or fir, such as the Cypres de Provence candle.

In perfume terminology, however, ‘green’ scents are typically fresh, clean and a little sharp – like Tuscan Fig, which includes the verdant notes of fig leaves. These fragrances make a beautiful match for interiors with a splash of lime or chartreuse. 

 Milan Ceramicist Costanza Paravicini's apartmentImage by James Merrell

If you’re wearing brown…

From chocolate to fawn, the rich spectrum of brown shades is typically associated with earthy or nutty notes. Complement a tonally tan outfit with Desert Nights Parfum: this sophisticated scent uses notes of spicy saffron, moss and balsam to create an intoxicating earthy effect.

 Brunello Cucinelli Image by Mr Porter

If your interior is blue…

The clarity of light blue means it’s often associated with minty fragrances, like Tunisian Mint Tea. Alternatively, it’s hard to deny the aquatic associations of deep azure or turquoise, and if these shades dominate your interior palette, you’ll find an ideal complement in Paradiso del Sole Room Spray

Halcyon House Image by Halcyon House

If you’re wearing white...

Not surprisingly, light neutral shades like white and dove grey are often associated with clean, soapy scents. How to match perfume to your outfit in these colours? A composition of dewy rose and sparkling citrus notes creates a fresh, clean and pure scent – find it in Persian Rose Perfume Oil


The Row Tshirt

Image by Net-a-Porter

If your interior is pink…

Pink is typically associated with luscious fruity fragrances, and this alluring combination creates an effervescent feeling in any room. Embrace it by pairing a pink interior with Emirates One & Only Wolgan Valley 02, which includes a summer-centric bouquet of citrus, nectarine and tropical fruits alongside floral notes of peony and jasmine.

 Sketch LondonImage by Sketch London




Written by Michelle Bateman