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Article: In Celebration Of Women

In Celebration Of Women

It’s better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

This saying has been attributed to various prominent world leaders and thinkers but its origin is less important than its sentiment. At a time when there is still much darkness in the world, women – intelligent, trailblazing, humorous, forward-thinking women – offer a flickering flame of hope.

As a female-founded and -run company, LUMIRA has always celebrated the power of women. “Ever since I started LUMIRA almost 10 years ago, I’ve been so fortunate to work alongside some incredibly talented and generous women, both on my team, and in like-minded businesses,” says Almira Armstrong, LUMIRA founder and creative director. “There’s a real emphasis on supporting one another in the creative industries and, above all, showing kindness.” 

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Armstrong discusses five International women in very different fields who inspire her in both life and business.  

Science: Amanda McKenzie

“Amanda is one of this country’s leading experts on climate change, and is the CEO of The Climate Council. She’s not only incredibly passionate, she’s also proactive about finding solutions to the biggest crisis faced by humanity. I find Amanda’s commitment and drive endlessly inspiring.”

Amanda McKenzie Arts: Kaylene Whiskey

“I adore the work of this Pitjantjatjara artist – her paintings and animated videos fuse wit and power, pop culture and ancient culture. Kaylene’s art proves that humour is one of the best ways to bring ideas together and encourage us to see the world in new and interesting ways.”

Kaylene WhiskeyCommunity: Carrie Kwan

“As the co-founder of business group Mums & Co, Carrie really understands the power of community, especially for women. I founded LUMIRA when I was pregnant with my son and would have been so grateful for an organisation like this when I was starting. When women come together and share our knowledge, we are unstoppable.”

Carrie KwanTech: Ally Watson

“Ally was a successful software developer when she founded Code Like A Girl in 2015 as a way to meet other women in tech. She’s a testament to the idea that if you spot a gap in the market and create something to fulfil your own needs, then other people will likely want it, too. As a mother to a young daughter, I have so much respect for women like Ally for opening up the world of possibilities to women and girls.”

Ally WatsonSocial justice: Meena Harris

“A lawyer and CEO of Phenomenal Women, Meena has a knack for elevating those around her. Her social media accounts just radiate positivity and her organisation partners with various not-for-profits to educate about gender parity in healthcare, criminal justice, politics, STEM and more. If being phenomenal is a state of mind, then Meena certainly embodies it.”

Meena Harris 


Written by Michelle Bateman