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Article: LUMIRA in my space

LUMIRA in my space

Days spent at home are more enjoyable when we’re surrounded by beautiful objects, sentimental pieces and the right scent. But even much-loved details can benefit from a fresh eye occasionally.

We asked two interiors-savvy friends to show us how they’re styling their homes right now, and how their favourite LUMIRA pieces complement their aesthetic. We hope they inspire you to approach your own space in a new way. 

Vinny Chen
Simple Blanc

“I’d normally burn candles in my living room or bedroom.  I like the space to be minimalist and elegant and the signature black packaging of LUMIRA is both sleek and elegant. I love how these pieces add a luxurious yet mysterious touch to the space.

“All of LUMIRA's scents have the power to boost my mood. Arabian Oud is the one that gets chosen a lot for its captivating smoky floral scent – it evokes a romantic and relaxed mood in my home. I also adore Cuban Tobacco to bring warmth to cold rainy days. I love how burning a candle makes me feel both calm and uplifted.”

Simple Blanc

Kate Hassett
Deputy Editor, Inside Out

“This is a corner of my bedroom, which is the only room in the house that’s free from the chaos of two raging toddlers in lockdown. The space is styled minimally, with a focus on soft materials and a gentle palette that calms and relaxes. My favourite books live in this space and I always have a bunch of something fresh to help lift the mood.

A LUMIRA candle is rarely unlit and takes pride of place on my dresser, allowing me a moment of solitude whenever I enter the space and some much-needed breathing room during this strange time. I always return to Tuscan Fig – the earthy, rich nature of the scent feels luxurious, but not overpowering in any way. It has the ability to make me forget about the 72 loads of washing that are waiting for me and the 362 emails left unopened…if only for a moment!”

Kate Hassett Inside Out Magazine



Written by Michelle Bateman