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Article: Resort style decorating ideas for your home


Resort style decorating ideas for your home

Crystal Bailey

This year, our homes have worked harder than ever, doubling as offices, cafes and even yoga studios. So, with international travel still off the cards, why not make it feel a little like an island resort as well?

Australian interior stylist Crystal Bailey of The Boholuxe Home has made resort-style decorating her style signature. Her very modern approach to tropical style eschews wild prints and colours in favour of natural fabrics and textures.

“The most powerful way to make your home feel like a resort is to add natural finishes and textures to a space, such as rattan pendants, linen fabrics and cotton,” Bailey says. “I’m also really obsessed with bamboo, as it’s sustainable and perfect for bringing the outdoors inside. Plus, I love golden palm prints or ocean views.”

For a more permanent statement, Bailey suggests rendering interior walls to create a Mediterranean feel. Not sure if you’re ready for such a commitment to the tropics? “You can also render large boards and use them behind the bed for a rendered bedhead.”

Crystal Bailey Styling

To give your home a lighter touch and prevent it from becoming too decorative, Bailey suggests mixing these pieces with rustic timber and the occasional vintage piece. “Always make sure there's a blend of old and new,” she says. “I look for fossil stone pieces and items that I can whitewash.

Of course, we always believe that the right fragrance is the finishing touch to any interior style and the heady tropical notes of a ylang ylang scent are the ideal complement to resort-style decorating at home. With our Balinese Ylang Ylang Candle burning in the background and a mix of rattan furniture and billowing linen, your home is fit for the ultimate resort staycation.

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Written by Michelle Bateman