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Article: Store Spotlight: Ellermann Flower Boutique


Store Spotlight: Ellermann Flower Boutique

Ellermann Flowers

It’s been almost 10 years since founder Diane Nittke opened her first Ellermann Flower Boutique in Hong Kong’s Sheung Wan neighbourhood, with a desire to combine beautiful floral design with personalised service. Since then, Nittke’s reputation for creating unique and elegant arrangements has seen Ellermann become the go-to floral designer for Hong Kong’s luxury-loving customers.

These days, Hong Kongers in search of a floral masterpiece have a choice of locations, with Ellermann boutiques now in the Landmark and in Pacific Place, plus a studio atelier in the creative district of Wong Chuk Hang.

As one of LUMIRA’s newest international stockists, Nittke sees many parallels between the creative vision of the two businesses. “Not only do florals and candles make great gifts for your home and self, there are also a lot of synergies in the philosophies of the two brands,” Nittke says. “LUMIRA and Ellermann share a passion for design and their approach to handcrafted products and finest ingredients.”

We asked Nittke to share a little about her approach and inspiration.

Tell us a bit about your boutiques.

The renowned Landmark atrium building is nestled in the heart of Hong Kong’s central business district. Our customers here are a mix of professionals who pick up bouquets or gifts on their way to or from work, and loyal shoppers who have made the Landmark atrium their mall of choice for generations. Florals and gifts here tend to be more elegant and classic for this discerning clientele.

Our boutique in the iconic Pacific Place mall is situated at Lane Crawford Home Store. Here we sell exclusive Lane Crawford floral compositions in daring, bold, layered combinations that synergise with the luxury retailer’s fashion-forward aesthetic. You’ll also find gorgeous botanical arrangements featuring cacti and succulents appealing to the slightly younger audience in the mall.

And how does your atelier fit into this landscape?

Our loft-style headquarters in Wong Chuk Hang is an energetic hub of floral inspiration. It’s our atelier, but we also welcome customers. Here you’ll find our busy-bee florists and creative team processing online orders, which are often custom requests, some with unique designs and intricate details. Our team also conducts a range of workshops for private clients and other professionals.

Ellermann Flowers

You stock a selection of homewares alongside your floral arrangements. What do you look for in a brand or product?

Inspired products, handcrafted creations, and artisanal designs, as well as beautiful aesthetics and a luxurious, exclusive feel.

How does travel inspire you?

How does it not?! I bring home many new ideas each time I travel. I find getting in touch with local artisans and craftsmen is truly rewarding and inspiring. We’ve formed collaborations and taken inspiration for floral and product designs from the people I’ve met in different places around the world. Learning about new species of flowers and ingredients is another aspect of travel that stimulates me.

Ellermann Flowers

Do you have a favourite destination?

I’m lucky enough to be able to travel a lot for work as well personally. One place that made a lasting impression on me was Sicily. What I found fascinating was the variety of flora and the regional differences in vegetation on a relatively small island. I loved the ceramic art with its colourful and bold, moorish-inspired designs.

Other places I have fond memories of are Cuba, where I fell in love with the colours of Havana, the food and the music; and Provence, where we used to go during the summer when the lavender fields would be in full bloom and it’s just a breathtaking beauty.

One place that’s very close to my heart is Cap Ferret, near Bordeaux in France. We have a holiday house there and it’s a second home for us now. Cap Ferret is a small place at the very tip of a peninsula. You have the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Arcachon Bay on the other. It’s super laidback and we spend our days having picnics at the beautiful, long beaches and eating oysters in one of the fishermen’s huts. I love the scent of fresh saltwater and the roughness, irrepressibility and raw beauty of the Atlantic.


Written by Michelle Bateman