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Article: Take A Tour of Italy with Our Italian-Inspired Scents

Take A Tour of Italy with Our Italian-Inspired Scents

For centuries, the month of August has been a time of celebration in Italy. Feasts and vacations fill the calendar as Italians take the month to recharge. Be inspired by this time of happiness and relaxation, and take an olfactory tour of Italy with some of our most loved and uplifting scents.


Fittingly, our tour begins in the northern city of Sanremo, also known as the City of Flowers. Each year, the beginning of flower season is marked by Corso Fiorito (Flower Parade), where dozens of florally bedecked floats wind their way through the streets. 

The experience is a true feast for the senses and formed the inspiration for La Primavera, an unabashedly floral scent composed of jasmine, rose leaf and lily and underscored by a warm and smooth base of patchouli, cashmere and moss.

Sanremo Italy


From there, we move south to the Tuscan countryside, where the olive-covered hills are dotted with imposing fig trees. The green of the leaves mingles with the milky-sweet fragrance of ripe figs bursting in the sunshine to form the heart of our iconic Tuscan Fig scent. There’s a sprinkling of local blackcurrant too – if you know where to find it.

Tuscany, Italy


Next, it’s a hop and a skip to the country’s southernmost tip in Sicily, where centuries-old blood orange orchards overlook the sparkling turquoise sea. The sweetness of the orange blossom is intoxicating, its honeyed scent wrapped in the opulence of tuberose and jasmine.

The arid landscape and sweeping views of the Mediterranean make this the ideal destination for a mid-summer’s picnic and are mirrored in our enlivening Sicilian Citrus fragrance.

Sicily, Italy

The Amalfi Coast

No summertime tour of Italy is complete without a trip to the Amalfi coast. The sparkling azure waters are best experienced on a boat, and the bracing sea spray provides a natural refreshment in the heat of the sun. 

In Paradiso del Sole, we’ve captured the essence of this quintessential experience and layered in a heady dose of citrus, courtesy of the luscious orange groves that lay beyond the coastline.

Amalfi Coast, Italy





Written by Michelle Bateman