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Article: The art of scent and the Sphera fragrance ritual


The art of scent and the Sphera fragrance ritual

LUMIRA Sphera Diffuser

Experts say the best way to preserve a precious memory is to consciously embed the moment in your mind using sensorial triggers. You might focus, for example, on the particular shade of startling azure that reflects from the ocean during a holiday, or on the song that’s playing as you drive to a much-anticipated dinner. These sensorial triggers have a way of slowing down and stretching out time itself, so that it appears to loop back and become available for instant recall at any future moment.

Perhaps the most evocative of all sensorial triggers is scent. Already capable of shaping and solidifying memories due to its unique connection to the brain, a fragrance experience becomes truly special when it’s integrated into a ritual.  

To enhance this connection, we’ve created Sphera, an entirely unique way to experience scent at home. Ideal for smaller spaces, it invites contemplation and intimacy. Sphera is a luxury experience in three distinct parts. There is the sphera, the vessel, a smoky black globe of hand-blown glass. Inside, the lava, a natural, sustainably sourced material that holds and diffuses the scent. Finally, there is essenza, the scent itself, formulated from premium essential oils.

To complement and enhance the Sphera experience, we’ve devised the following bespoke scent ritual…

  • Arrange the lava inside the sphera and add 8-10 drops of Arabian Oud LUMIRA essenza directly to the lava.
  • As you inhale the scent, take the opportunity to explore its complexity.
  • Over time, you may begin to detect and appreciate the individual notes of its composition – the resinous oud, the clean and powdery rose, the opulent and mysterious patchouli.

This, however, is merely a premonition of what’s to come. Enclose your sphera for 24 hours to allow the perfume to fully permeate the lava, then release the lid and allow the scent to enrich your space. If regularly scented, the lava will emit its fragrance for many months.

Unlike a candle, Sphera may be safely left unattended for any length of time, leaving you free to create your next precious memory.



Written by Michelle Bateman