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Article: The Cut, New York / Ahhh … Smells Like Spring!


The Cut, New York / Ahhh … Smells Like Spring!

I love Lumira’s description for this candle, so I’m just going to allow you to read it in full:

There’s a certain ritual involved in drinking tea in North Africa: steeping the leaves, preparing the fresh mint, garnishing the drink with pine nuts. The aromatic scent of this candle inspires a new ritual of its own, one that begins with the delicate aroma of spearmint and that grows richer and warmer with Chinese ginger, crushed cloves and lemon zest. Like a rare moment of pause in bustling Tunisian bazaar, it evokes a serenity that inspires contemplation.

The candle is so damn good, pardon my language. It’s mint, but interesting and a little spicy. It’s refreshing for spring, and it will likely be even more refreshing during the hot days of summer. Imaging welcoming guests into your home, their skin still warm from the sun — “it smells great in here,” says one. “Is that … mint?” says another. Uh, yeah it’s mint. Genius …

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