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Article: The making of Bois D’Épices


The making of Bois D’Épices

In early 2020, as the whole world was plunged into pandemic-induced stillness, LUMIRA founder Almira Armstrong began working on her newest scent. For Armstrong, a lifelong traveller, the need to offer a sensorial escape was real and urgent. She imagined a fragrance that captured the bliss of being on vacation but that was infused with the mystery and magic of the unexpected.

“If ever there was a time to dream of a faraway land, this was it,” Armstrong recalls.

The result is Bois D’Épices, a joyful and uplifting scent inspired by the tiny island of Zanzibar, off the east coast of Tanzania. At first glance, Zanzibar looks like an island paradise, but dig deeper and you’ll find its history and culture are a rich tapestry of global influences. A major trading hub for centuries, Zanzibar has embraced a mix of African, Islamic, Indian and European influences. 

“The idea of capturing a melting pot of people and cultures greatly appealed to me,” Armstrong says. “If ever there was a time for us to work together and to share our joy with one another, we are living in it right now.”

At its core, Bois D’Épices is a feelgood scent. After an initial effervescent jolt of citrus, it pays tribute to Zanzibar’s reputation as the Spice Island with a warm and peppery accord of spices. A floral bouquet of jasmine and rose brings levity to the mid-notes, making this a scent for all genders to enjoy for daytime or evening wear. 

Much like Zanzibar itself, the sense of euphoria that’s captured in the fragrance belies a deeper complexity. The island’s commitment to eco-initiatives also inspires LUMIRA’s own work in this area. 

“Zanzibar has pristine white beaches and coral reefs and is filled with the most incredible wildlife, both on the island and in the ocean surrounding it,” says Armstrong. “Happily, a number of private and government-backed sustainability initiatives are in place to help preserve this natural beauty. Seeing this kind of work inspires me to seek even more sustainable options for our own products.”

As with all LUMIRA glassware, empty Bois D’Épices Parfum bottles are recyclable in regular household recycling (remove the cap and atomiser pump first). And the exterior packaging is also fully recyclable.

“LUMIRA was founded as a way to explore the beauty of our planet’s scent,” says Armstrong. “But it’s just as important to me that we do our share to help preserve it too.”

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