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Article: The making of CIRCE by Cultiver


The making of CIRCE by Cultiver

Cultiver x LUMIRA Candle

As the founder and CEO of luxury bedding and homewares company Cultiver, Nicolle Sullivan understands the power of a thoughtfully planned bedroom. “As the place where we start and finish each day, the sensory impact of our bedroom is arguably more important than any other space in our homes,” Sullivan says.

At Cultiver, creating this sensory impact begins with a tactile approach to design – the softest linen woven from European flax or sumptuous silk velvet. To complement this, the brand has just added its first scent, CIRCE, a luxury candle made in collaboration with LUMIRA. 

“With all the pieces in our range, we’ve carefully considered how they will complement and elevate the everyday rituals of our customers,” Sullivan explains. “Lighting a candle fits beautifully with this story, as it’s a moment to pause. Scent also has a powerful way of evoking memories that make us happy.”

Specifically, CIRCE conjures the type of happiness that accompanies time spent outdoors. Its top notes are uplifting and ozonic, with cut grass, fig and mint capturing the carefree spirit of summer before mellowing into an earthy base of oak, patchouli and sandalwood. Close your eyes, inhale deeply and you could find yourself surrounded by rolling green hills, face upturned to the blinding blue sky and the warmth of the sun seeping into your bones.

Cultiver x LUMIRA Candle“CIRCE was inspired by the effect that being close to nature has on us,” Sullivan explains. “Whether that’s the full rebalancing of a holiday spent outdoors, or it’s found in small daily moments – a dip in the sea, fresh cut flowers at home or a window open to the evening breeze.”

Cultiver x LUMIRA CandleFor Sullivan, CIRCE has become an important pillar in her evening ritual. “I love to start burning CIRCE in my bedroom as soon as I get home. Lighting is key to helping me relax, and I usually only turn on lamps, so the gentle flicker of candlelight is a beautiful addition. Plus the scent is so calming.”

LUMIRA founder and creative director Almira Armstrong has found the scent to be an uplifting addition to her mornings. “I find that it always sets the scene for an inspired day,” she says. “With its ozonic notes, it has a freshness that I find invigorating – it really focuses my mind.”

Sullivan and Armstrong worked together for many months on the creation of CIRCE, but their association stretches back much further. “Almira and I met in the early stages of our respective businesses,” Sullivan explains. “Our collections are both designed in different ways to create daily moments of appreciation, so it felt natural to work together.”

Discover CIRCE today.

Cultiver x LUMIRA Candle




Written by Michelle Bateman