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Article: The Perfect Valentine’s Gift for Every Affair


The Perfect Valentine’s Gift for Every Affair

Fragrance is the language of love, an ephemeral wisp of emotion that carries memories and tugs at the heart. Synonymous with romance, it makes the perfect Valentine’s gift. And yet, no two relationships are alike – and so the gifts selected to celebrate them should be equally unique.

Whether you’re gifting a long-term lover or simply treating yourself, you’ll find the most thoughtful ideas right here. 

For the first Valentine’s Day

A new relationship is cause for joyous celebration. Deliver a coup de coeur with a devastatingly sexy scent like Desert Nights Parfum, an exotic blend of patchouli, sandalwood and spices. How will they resist? The best part: this gender non-specific perfume is designed for all to wear and love, so you’ll be able to ‘borrow’ it back when things get serious.

To spice up your routine

Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to reignite the spark in your long-term relationship. We mean this quite literally and suggest marking the occasion with a beautiful and luxurious scented candle. Arabian Oud is one of our bestsellers globally, and for good reason: this heady and sophisticated scent is just perfect for after dark. Why not complement your selection with the Arabian Oud Room Spray or Scented Drawer Liners.

For a long-distance relationship

When seeing each other is an irregular event, choose a gift that will linger long after you’ve said goodbye. Sphera is our most innovative and luxurious fragrance offering and is designed to scent a room for hours. Your beloved lifts the lid, adds 10 drops of essential oil and allows the perfume to permeate the air – a sweet memento of your presence.  

To gift a friend

A dear friendship is always worth celebrating and our Candle Discovery Sets are a readymade choice, with three expertly selected scents packaged in a beautiful gift box. Choose from the sophisticated Tall, Dark & Handsome Set, the fresh La Dolce Vita Set, or the earth-inspired Botanic Gardens Set.

For yourself

The relationship you have with yourself is one of the most important you’ll ever have and lasts your entire lifetime. Honour it daily with a spritz of Bois d’Epices Parfum – this feelgood scent is grounding and uplifting in equal measure, to help you find your joie de vivre on Valentine’s Day and beyond.





Written by Michelle Bateman