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Article: Three Fragrance Trends For Summer 2024


Three Fragrance Trends For Summer 2024

A new season welcomes new opportunities for creative expression. As summer approaches, you might explore lighter, fresher scents that feel refreshing on a hot and humid day. Or perhaps you’ll take the opportunity to explore some of the emerging trends on the fragrance scene.

While the right perfume can become a lifelong love affair, it’s equally enjoyable to experiment with new approaches and ideas. With that in mind, here are three new directions to consider for Summer 2024.

By the water

It’s true that aquatic notes traditionally fall into the light, fresh approach that’s favoured in the summertime. This year, however, fragrance is awash in a tidal wave of watery possibilities, from salt-licked ocean spray to geosmin, the smell of the earth after the rain.

We adore the clean, ozonic scent of a garden in the morning, when the leaves hang heavy with overnight dew. It’s the fragrance of adventure and new beginnings – and isn’t that what summertime should be about?

Try it with: Il Giardino Room Spray – this lush, watery bouquet of magnolia, gardenia and jasmine enlivens a room to create a fresh and welcoming atmosphere.

Il Giardino Room SprayDark vanilla

While a gourmand vanilla note often has a comforting innocence about it, the new dark vanillas are anything but sweet. They’re deeper, smokier and more intense, the vanilla providing the perfect foil for sensual amber and leather.

This makes dark vanilla fragrances an ideal choice for summer evenings, as the warmth of the skin allows the complexity of these scents to come alive.

Try it with: No.352 Leather & Cedar Perfume Oil – with its spicy top notes and inclusion of sensual vanilla, leather and amber, it’s a favourite among sophisticated creatives.

No.352 Leather & Cedar Perfume OilAromatherapy benefits

We’ve long celebrated the mood-boosting effects of fragrance and now the repertoire of mind-altering possibilities has expanded even further. Botanical notes of lavender, eucalyptus and chamomile, which are regularly used in aromatherapy, are making their way into luxurious niche fragrance offerings that will help you feel as good as you smell.

Try it with: Paradiso del Sole Candle – its distinct lavender notes create the soothing impression of a sunny vacation. Or, to uplift and enliven the mind, Botanica Candle is crafted with the sharp, camphorous scent of eucalyptus and tea tree.   

Paradiso del Sole Scented Candle 


Written by Michelle Bateman