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Article: Three Ways to Enhance Your Evening Ritual Using Scent

A Life With Scent

Three Ways to Enhance Your Evening Ritual Using Scent

Lumira Balinese Ylang Ylang Scented Candle

As we become increasingly attuned to the role of sleep in supporting health and happiness, the evening ritual has taken on greater prominence. A considered wind-down routine creates a separation between the busyness of the day and the transition to slumber.  

It helps to soothe the mind, relax the body and smooth out any tensions that have the potential to disturb our sleep.

While the details and inclusions of a wind-down ritual may be quite personal, scent is a powerful tool that can be used to enhance other modalities. We recommend selecting scents that are known to promote rest – lavender and chamomile, which support sleep; and earthy or woody notes of sandalwood, moss and cedar, which have a grounding influence on the psyche.

Here are three ways to incorporate these scents into your evening ritual, to de-stress and unwind.

An aromatherapy meditation

Create a serene space with the grounding scent of our Terra Australis Candle. As you inhale deeply, focus on the aroma to relax the mind and promote inner peace. Take note of the soothing scents of the Australian bush – ancient, steady, reliable. Pair it with soft music or a guided meditation for a complete sensory experience. Always take care to extinguish your candle before you fall asleep.

A scented bath ritual

Surround yourself with the soothing scent of rose to create a clean and harmonious atmosphere. Light a Persian Rose Candle, lather up the Persian Rose Hand Wash, and indulge in a long, luxurious soak. Finish with Persian Rose Hand & Body Lotion, allowing the fragrance to uplift your spirits and help you unwind, leaving you refreshed and ready to slip off to sleep.

A short but effective hand care ritual

No time for a bath? Fill a sink or small bowl with warm water and gently massage your hands using Balinese Ylang Ylang Hand Wash. Allow the warmth of the water to slow down your movements, as you lightly massage any tender spots. The aroma of sandalwood, vetiver and tree balsam will calm your senses while providing a moment of self-care.




Written by Michelle Bateman