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Article: Working from home in style

Working from home in style

Working from home may have become a familiar situation for all of us, but it’s not without its challenges. Whether it’s separating work from relaxation time; juggling meetings with homeschooling or simply resisting the Netflix temptation, no two days are alike. To help refine our routines, we spoke to a handful of LUMIRA friends from around the globe, to find out how they’re navigating the new working normal.

“I miss my colleagues and working in the office and store, but I’m being productive at home. I find that it’s important for me to stick to a routine similar to when I was going to the office: I wake at the same time, get ready, eat breakfast, and then sit down at the table and get to work surrounded by the necessary electronics. Creating an environment at home that’s as pleasant as possible helps with staying grounded and optimistic. Light and scent are both very important and I would have to say that the calming, soothing smell and flickering light of a candle creates a nice atmosphere. I am partial to the comforting woodsiness of the LUMIRA Arabian Oud’s one of my favourites.”

Bruce Pask, Bergdorf Goodman (photo by Cory Vanderploeg)

Bruce Pask

“I'm really making sure that I set the scene in my home office. That means using a certain 'work time' cup, turning on a particular lamp and lighting up a certain scent (Tahitian Coconut from LUMIRA), to trick my brain into thinking it's work time, not time for another Netflix show. At the end of the day, I shut everything down and signal that the day is over.”

Francesca Wallace, Vogue Living

Francesca Wallace

“We’ve been lucky enough to keep working and operating in the MyFlowerMan store in Tamarama. We’ve just put in some measures to ensure our staff and customer safety, which have been working well – it’s different but we’re all adapting, and it’s nice to be able to have some sense of normality and to be able to offer that to others in our community. Our store is both a florist and coffee bar so we can give people a few minutes a day to go for a walk and get a coffee and flowers. Or be able to send love via flowers through our online store. It's been really nice and we feel very grateful to be doing this work right now. The small moments and gestures seem to be making the biggest impact at the moment, and it’s a privilege to be part of it and also keep our business running. No352 is my go-to always and its nice to keep some normality during this time.”

Kieran Birchall and Georgia Martin, MyFlowerMan

Kieran Birchall and Georgia Martin

“It's taken me a while to adjust to working from home, but I've found that nailing the little things has had the biggest effect. Putting a little effort into creating a dedicated work space made me infinitely happier (and it also helped to delineate between work-life and home-life). It sounds clichéd but sensory touches like a potted plant and a scented candle (LUMIRA's buoyant Florescence or zesty Sicilian Citrus are ideal office pick-me-ups) made ALL the difference.”

Alison Izzo, 

Alison Izzo

“We’re working from home and the shop. It’s been a great time for me as a business owner to take me right back to my vision when I started the business – to be in my store alone, with no interruptions and look at it with fresh eyes. I’m bursting with ideas and planning training sessions, product knowledge sessions, cleaning and maintenance, photography, social media, and restyling. We’re also working on building a new store.”

Suzie Anderson, Suzie Anderson Home

Suzie Anderson

“Working from home certainly has its challenges (especially with two kids under three), but I’ve learnt that if I stick to a routine, I feel more productive. My workspace has to be clean and inviting whenever I sit down to write, and I like to have things just so: my new desk-buddy, a beautiful Pilea; a candle (LUMIRA’s Tuscan Fig is my current go-to); and a carafe of chilled water and I’m ready to go. Even if I’m busy, I make myself take at least half an hour to walk away from the computer and clear my head. This usually involves a quick Fluidform Pilates class or a walk down by the water. It’s a balancing act for sure, but one that I’ve really started to get used to.”

Kate Hassett, Inside Out

Kate Hassett

“I’m lucky enough that my backyard has a gate to the Katy Trail in Dallas, an old railroad line converted to green space that winds through the city. Every day, morning and evening I walk at least 30 minutes. I consider it a walking meditation. One time I use headphones with Spotify, one time with no music. Each is very different. Being outside, and doing this regularly has kept me sane, and reminds me that this is temporary. I look forward to continuing it when quarantine is over; I will try to remember it as a gift of this time.”

Brian Bolke, The Conservatory NYC

Brian Bolke

“Routine is a must for me at this time, as I’m working from home and homeschooling three children! I’m trying to get out of the house at least once a day, the fresh air and vitamin D is so important for us all at the moment. Sometimes this is with a podcast and other times I just listen to nature’s sounds that don’t relate to home!”

Isabella Patterson, Frey

Isabella Patterson

“Working from home in NYC is a bit challenging as we don’t have a separate space for office work, so my dining table serves as my office. I get up at the same time I normally would, do a quick Peleton workout, get showered and dressed and put on a full face of makeup and do my hair. It’s important to make yourself up for those unexpected or last-minute Zoom meetings with your co-workers!”

Lea Aglione, C.O. Bigelow

Lea Aglione

“Scent is so important in my world; I find it lifts and transforms a room. I often say scent inspires me, it transports my imagination to other places. Lumira is a favourite of mine, as the journeys Almira draws her scents from are places I have had many fond memories in, like Cuba & then some destinations, like Morocco I still hope to explore. My favourite scented candle is the LUMIRA, Wilderness, this collaborative candle not only smells incredible the proceeds of the candle goes to the protection of the natural environment in the Blue Mountains, specifically the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden Mount Tomah’s ground-breaking science and conservation work.”


Romy Frydman

“Adapting to our new way of life (at least for the time being) has its challenges but our team is getting through by taking time to slow down and embrace the little bit of extra time we have on our hands. For me, it's important to keep a routine so I am also ensuring I am still getting up early and fitting in my home workouts before I start my day. In a time of such uncertainty, I am trying not to let the stress override so I am being mindful to take breaks where needed and of a night, reading and self care face masks are a must. Our favourite scent keeping us sane through this strange time is Arabian Oud, the scent we would usually have burning in the office - it's just divine!”

Sarah Madden, Tuchuzy

Sarah Madden

"I am using this time to reflect and make positive changes such as slowing down from my usually hectic pace. I’m doing online spin, yoga and pilates and one of my favourite things to do is go for a run down to Cottesloe Beach listening to a great playlist. My daughters Scarlett & Lulu and I have been enjoying playing board games, doing jigsaw puzzles, online dance classes and baking cakes and cookies. I’m keeping open and connected with the ACO community through our online store and we are taking private appointments in store until the we can open again. Our home environment has never been more important and nothing beats a beautiful scent wafting through the house so I have been alternating between our favourite Lumira candles;  The Vow by Nicole Trunfio and Cuban Tobacco."

Amy Beeck, ACO Cottesloe

Amy Beeck


Written by Michelle Bateman