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Article: How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe of Luxury Floral Perfumes

How to

How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe of Luxury Floral Perfumes

If you gravitate towards the whimsy and elegance of a floral perfume, building a capsule wardrobe around this fragrance family will help expand the possibilities of the scents you already love to wear. Just as a capsule wardrobe allows you to mix and match items of clothing to create new outfit combinations, so too will a fragrance capsule introduce you to new ways of wearing and layering scent.

Here’s how to approach a capsule wardrobe of luxury floral perfumes.

How to build your fragrance capsule wardrobe

Begin by selecting three fragrances from the floral family, each with its own unique bouquet of notes. To have a mix of fragrance depths and intensity, we recommend your three-piece capsule includes:

  1. Persian Rose: A sophisticated and contemporary take on a traditional rose scent with a clean and buoyant drydown.
  2. La Primavera: An unabashedly romantic tribute to white flowers, with a bewitching trail of jasmine and lily.
  3. Balinese Ylang-Ylang: The most intense floral in our collection, known for its heady blend of ylang-ylang, black orchid and jasmine sambac. 
How to wear Persian Rose

Like the perfect white T-shirt, Persian Rose plays an indispensable role in any floral fragrance capsule. It’s a classic ‘skin’ scent – fresh and clean on its own and versatile enough to layer beautifully with many of our other perfumes.

The fragrance is designed around the singular intensity of the romantic Rosa Damascena in full bloom, and the flower’s natural exuberance is amplified by citrus notes of bergamot and mandarin. Ideal for daytime wear, Persian Rose feels as effortless worn with a slip dress in mid-summer as it does with cashmere in the depths of winter.

How to wear La Primavera

Romance is always in style and when you’re in the mood for candlelit dinners and dancing barefoot, La Primavera will set the scene. It’s our ode to the annual spring flower festival in San Remo, Italy – imagine a riotous blend of jasmine, rose leaf, lily and patchouli.

When worn in the daytime, La Primavera feels polished and alluring; in the evening, it lends a feminine elegance to any style.

How to wear Balinese Ylang-Ylang

Inspired by the traditional Balinese wedding flower, this languid tropical fragrance sets a romantic, sensual mood. The first impression is invigorating, with spicy black pepper and aromatic thyme. Then, as the scent of Balinese Ylang-Ylang settles into the skin, it’s grounded with sandalwood, vetiver and a wisp of smoky incense. Wear it with a black dress, red lipstick and slicked-back hair to turn heads in any room.

Creating new fragrance combinations

Layering unlocks new ways of wearing your favourite floral fragrance, as well as creating a scent that’s unique to you. Here are a few ways to try it, using our trio of floral perfumes above.

Balinese Ylang-Ylang and Persian Rose

When layering perfumes of two different intensities, always start with the deeper scent, allowing time for it to settle on the skin before applying a lighter counterpart. In the case of this heavenly duo, this means beginning with Balinese Ylang-Ylang – intoxicating in every way – before applying Persian Rose. The combination is surprising, as the hypnotic ylang-ylang puts its sultry spin on classic rose.

Persian Rose and La Primavera

Equally delightful on their own, these two florals also harmonise beautifully, with Persian Rose lending a clean and powdery finish to balance the sweetness of La Primavera. To extend the longevity of both fragrances, apply Persian Rose first – either in a hand and body lotion or by rolling the perfume oil across the pulse points – then finish with a few spritzes of La Primavera.

Balinese Ylang-Ylang and La Primavera

Apply Balinese Ylang-Ylang and allow the heat from your body’s pulse points to gently release the heady notes of its eponymous flower before adding a few spritzes of La Primavera. The resulting scent is a dark and moody floral that’s incredibly glamorous to wear for an evening event.



Written by Michelle Bateman