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Article: How We’re Using Scented Drawer Liners

How We’re Using Scented Drawer Liners

All too often we move through our daily routines on autopilot: selecting clothing, changing linen, filing papers, all without giving it a second thought. But any of these quotidian tasks can become an opportunity for mindfulness – not to mention far more enjoyable – by imbuing them with a sense of ritual.

It was with this in mind that we created our new Scented Drawer Liners. Imagine the simple act of opening a well-used drawer but this time, being surprised by the subtle, sophisticated scent of Arabian Oud. Suddenly, this routine activity is elevated, it becomes a private moment of reflection and calm.

Admittedly, we enjoy the nostalgic association of Scented Drawer Liners – they’re a beautiful reminder of a time gone by, when homes were a place of order and elegance. We selected Arabian Oud to launch the collection, as a way to balance this nostalgia with a more contemporary air.

Arabian Oud is also a fragrance that works equally well for personal use or in the home. Its namesake oud has a sweet resinous scent that’s balanced by fresh citrus top notes and a sophisticated rose at the heart. A delicate composition, it layers well with other fragrances.

So if you choose to wear a different perfume, your lightly scented clothing won’t compete. However when you’re wearing Arabian Oud Parfum, the scent is complemented and deepened by the veil of scent already on your clothing.  

The closet is an obvious place to enjoy Scented Drawer Liners, but it’s far from the only one. We recommend using them to line the shelves of your linen cupboard or even to add a bit of whimsy to the filing cabinet in your office. Packaged as a set of 6, there are plenty to go around.

When the scent begins to fade, it may be refreshed with a spritz of Arabian Oud Room Spray. Allow the liner to dry completely before returning it to the drawer. Or, repurpose the liners to use as chic wrapping paper, adorned with a striking Atelier LUMIRA logo and carrying the faintest trace of scent. 

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Written by Michelle Bateman