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Article: Love Notes

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Love Notes

We often speak of the immediacy of fragrance – its opening notes, its delicately arranged accords – but the truth is more complicated than that. Once the first impression has dimmed, scent also behaves like a portal to a different time, another place. Time travel becomes possible – at least for the heart and the mind. And there is perhaps no occasion more connected to hearts and minds than Valentine’s Day.

The scent that’s selected for a Valentine’s rendez-vous not only sets a romantic scene in the here-and-now, it also has the unique power to transport us to wherever our heart desires.

No matter where and how you celebrate the holiday this year, these scents and their corresponding fashion choices will help you to bring a little piece of somewhere else to the occasion.

The scenario: Watching a desert sunrise

The scent:  Soleil du Maroc Parfum

The creation of this parfum was inspired by the sun rising over the majestic Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Oud and musk lend a sense of mystery to the occasion, while aromatic and citrus notes evoke a new dawn together.


Albus Lumen dress and Saint Laurent slides

The scenario: A picnic in the Italian countryside

The scent: Tuscan Fig Candle

If you close your eyes, you can feel the sun warming skin and hear the breeze gently rustling through wildflowers. Fresh bread, cheese and charcuterie are stowed away in your straw basket and all that’s left is to pluck a few ripe figs straight from the tree.


Dôen dress and Oroton tote bag

The scenario: a bistro in Paris

The scent: The Vow by Nicole Trunfio Perfume Oil and Candle

For romance with a side of je ne sais quoi, it’s impossible to beat a shared glass of vin rouge in a little bistro in the world’s most romantic city. The sophisticated blend of rose, tobacco and patchouli in this scent will immediately take you there.


Chloé minidress and Saint Laurent handbag

The scenario: A tropical island for two

The scent: Tahitian Coconut Candle

A couple in the throws of love creates its own island a deux, so why not make it a tropical one? As the unmistakable scent of coconut fills the air, you’ll need nothing more than a swimsuit and each other.


Peony swimsuit and Loewe sunglasses

Written by Michelle Bateman