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Article: The making of Terra Australis


The making of Terra Australis

Lumira Terra Australis Scented Candle

From the very beginning, each LUMIRA fragrance has taken as its starting point the beauty and wonder of the natural world. But while the collection traverses Tuscany, Marrakech and all points in between, it was missing a scent that captures the distinct essence of the Australian landscape.

“I was fortunate enough to travel with my family from a young age, but Australia has always been my home,” says LUMIRA founder Almira Armstrong. “I grew up here and am raising my own family here; the time felt right to celebrate the splendour of my homeland, from coast to bush.”

The result is Terra Australis – Latin for the South Land – a scent inspired by the untamed beauty of the Australian environment.

“While I was creating this scent, I was reminded of Dorothea Mackellar’s iconic poem, My Country,” Armstrong recalls. “The poem is more than 100 years old, and yet when she writes about the ‘wide brown land’, the ‘hot gold hush of noon’ and the ‘pitiless blue sky’, it captures the quintessentially Australian experience that I also know and love.”

In Terra Australis, this experience is translated into the dusty desert ringed by aromatic bush herbs, settling into the woody and smokey base notes that evoke campfires pitched at nightfall. Rugged in feeling but delicate in composition, the scent has a grounding effect that’s in keeping with the quiet majesty of this ancient land.

Lumira Terra Australis Scented Candle




Written by Michelle Bateman