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Article: The Right Fragrance for Every Summer Event


The Right Fragrance for Every Summer Event

Summer Picnic

It doesn’t matter how many events are on your calendar this season, the opportunity to dress up and dazzle is always thrilling. Your choice of scent plays an integral part in setting your image. Just as your outfit is a unique reflection of your style, so too will our wardrobe of niche luxury fragrances help you create a distinct impression in any room. And thanks to its unique ability to imprint itself on mind and memory, your fragrance will always serve as a reminder of a fabulous soirée. 


With its vibrant bouquet of jasmine, rose leaf and lily, La Primavera is an alluring choice for a daytime event. A romantic tribute to the flower festivals of San Remo, Italy, this heavenly floral embodies all that is glorious about a summertime celebration, its lingering trail of jasmine inviting warmth and romance.

LUMIRA La Primavera Parfum


A shimmering citrus as giddy as a glass of Champagne, Bois D’Épices is an instant mood-elevator. Like all the best cocktail parties, it imparts an effervescent zing that makes the spirit sing, with a spicy twist to add a dash of intrigue. 

LUMIRA Bois D’Épices Parfum


For a night of pure hedonistic fun, Desert Nights is unparalleled. Olfactively well-rounded, it’s equal parts sweet and spicy, the honeyed top notes serving as a counterpoint to a mysterious and velvety base of patchouli, sandalwood and oud. Wear this scent and you’ll be sure to turn heads.

LUMIRA Desert Nights Parfum


Classically sensual and wonderfully mysterious, Arabian Oud’s captivating mix of resinous oud and powdery rose lends a sophistication and gravitas to more formal events. Its opulence creates a sense of occasion with a nuance that leaves an impression on everyone around you.

LUMIRA Arabian Oud Parfum


Written by Michelle Bateman