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Article: 3 interior trends to update your bathroom style

A Life With Scent

3 interior trends to update your bathroom style

Jared Rice

The smallest room in the house is also where we spend a significant amount of time – and very often, it’s time spent helping us look and feel our best. Whether you’re making a quick detour to adjust your hair or settling in for a languid soak in the tub, the bathroom should be a place for all the senses to come alive.

Happily, the latest bathroom trends enhance the sensorial experience even further. These three ideas are simple to execute but will help your bathroom feel modern and luxurious; a welcoming cocoon that you simply won’t want to leave.

1. Add texture

Far from the bland tile-on-tile mix of the past, the bathroom is a place to introduce texture with thought and consideration. The cool touch of a marble vanity contrasts with the warmth of a vintage rug underfoot; a naturally roughened wall tile complements a piece of sleek tapware.

A simple way to introduce texture is with pure linen bath towels that are tactile but soft to the touch. We like the ones in European flax from our friends at Cultiver.

Cultiver Linen

2. Introduce graphic elements

Bold stripes and check prints are making all kinds of waves in interiors and the bathroom is a good place to experiment by introducing them in small doses. Try a hand towel in a graphic checkerboard pattern. 

3. Finish with scent

Nothing elevates daily ablutions more than a luxury hand wash in an enchanting scent. When formulated with premium quality essential oils, the scent will linger on your skin and lightly perfume the air long after you’ve left the room. Our hand wash and hand wash refills are available in three of our most popular fragrances: Paradiso del Sole, Balinese Ylang Ylang, and Persian Rose.

Lumira Hand Wash 



Written by Michelle Bateman